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Navigon dont buy

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PostPosted: Wed Jun 01, 2011 2:43 pm    Post subject: Navigon dont buy Reply with quote

javascript:emoticon('Crying or Very sad')This was a Birthday present from my sister Angela.
It arrived in Spain on the 7th of May 2010 just in time for the arrival of my sister and her husband Peter for their holiday in June. The first time I used my new NAVIGON 8410 we went to Cordoba.
My new sat nav had its first problem, IT FROZE on the way back home and we had only travelled 55 klm. I re set the sat nav and the next day we went to Ecica about 60 klm away. Guess what happened, yes it froze again. I contacted Navigon service department and was told to return it. It was returned to Navigon on the 23.06.2010. The faults were,
1. Froze on motorway junction signs and speed camera points.
2. The battery went flat in less then 10 mins in pedestrian mode.
3. The unit got very hot.
When it arrived back after repair it had a service report which said faulty data at memory software update on unit made.
I went to Granada one day and guess what, yes it froze again. Twice in one day. So then I updated the sat nav with the latest maps which had just been released thinking that this would solve the problem but it did not, so it was sent back to Navigon for the 2nd time for repair. When it arrived back to me the service report said, software update implemented.
I then went to Malaga airport and guess what happened; yes it had all the same problems. I contacted Navigon service department and spoke to a Mr. Chris Myers and told him about the problems. He apologised and told me that the Navigon 8410 would be replaced with a new one, as this was the 3rd time it was going back to the service department in Germany. When the sat nav arrived back to me it was my old sat nav, it had not been replaced. This time the service report said NO hardware error found. Enha04 precautionary change. I do not know what this meant, but this time I could not activate the sat nav it just kept going round asking me the same thing. I phoned customer services and spoke to Eva Kansou. I told her the problem and she apologised and told me that the Navigon 8410 would be picked up by UPS and replaced with a new one.
The sat nav was now on its way back to Navigon in Germany for the 4th time. This was on 24.02.2011.
Then on 15.03.2011 I received an email from Eva Kansou to tell me that my sat nav add not been replaced. Then on 18.03.2011 I received a second email from Eva Kansou to tell me that it had been replaced. When it arrived back to me I found that it was not a new sat nav but one with a service report saying that it had a software error, esta corrupto interno work don ENSA03 memory deleted and software re installed. So, no new navogon 8410, so much for customer service. This must be a German thing to say they will replace with new and then send one thatís had problems and had to be repaired then sent out to somebody that has had so much inconvenience, not to mention the cost to keep phoning customer service department. So yes, the replacement sat nav battery is a lot better and can be used in pedestrian mode.
I went to test if everything was ok, yes it seemed to work correctly so after several days I sent Eva an email saying that the battery seems to be ok and all the other problems seem to by ok. THEN THE NEXT DAY IT FROZE AGAIN. I phoned customer services on 31.0.2011 and spoke to Andrew Tomkins. I asked for Eva Kansou but he said she was not available so I told him that the replacement sat nav had frozen just like the old one and that I was very upset that Navigon could send out a replacement Navigon 8410 that had soft wear and hard wear problems and had been repaired. He said he would phone me back but did not, so I phoned Eva Kansou on 1.04.2011 and told her what had happened. She told me to upgrade the soft wear. I told her that it was reset in Germany only several days ago. I said, so you want me to download new soft wear then drive around to see what happens. I told Eva that this was not acceptable. Seeing all the problems with the Navigon 8410 I have experienced I said that it should have been replaced with a new one as I was told the first time by Chris Myers on 4.02.2011. Eva said she would do a report and would get back to me, but she did not ring back so on Monday 4.04.2011 I phoned customer services but no Eva, so I told this new person Corrine my problem. She told me that they were waiting to her from where they had sent the report and that is why no one had phoned me. I waited till Friday 8.04.2011 and then phoned customer services no Eva Kansou so spoke to Nick Foreah, I told him the problem and he asked me to wait till he checked to see what was happening. He came back and started to tell me that the problem with the battery was typical to that Navigon 8410. I stopped him and told him that one of us was stupid and it was not me. The problem is that the Navigon 8410 keeps freezing and I asked him to get Eva Kansou to contact me. now its 13 April this is the reply from NavigonDear Mr. Jones,

Thank you for your e-mail. We are sorry for the inconveniences encountered so far.

Regarding your query, we would advise you to send in your device following the details received by e-mail. The Device Restore function might be successful for the moment, however, as this device has a history of returning faults, the best solution would be the replacement. The explicit request for a replacement was added to the RMA that you received: NAV11376382

As soon as your device reaches our repair center, a new unit will be sent to you.

We hope we have been of assistance. For further queries do not hesitate to contact us.

Yours sincerely,

Sarah Smith
NAVIGON Support Team Dear Claudia

I have received my replacement Navigon 70 premium. I would like to ask on receiving the new unit I noticed on the box that the security seals were broken. After unpacking the unit I noticed on the back of the new unit that one of the four rubber grommets is missing. Also the service report that was enclosed was written in German so I could not fully understand. I noticed it referes to the Navigon premium and it says work done defective part exchanged. Is this a new unit or a reconditioned unit you have sent me. Also I am a little bit disappointed that it has taken 1 year to get a replacement and I notice that the new unit does not have a micro SD card and also does not come with a home power supply charger. As the 8410 that I returned had these as standard. Would appreciate your comments.

George Jones. Dear Mr. Jones,

Thank you for your e-mail.

Regarding your query, we can inform you that, due to our internal procedure, the replacement device for a similar device that has been in use for a period of time can not be a new unit.

Please accept our apologies for the misleading statement; each time a faulty device is sent back for replacement, another device similar in price and functions is sent.

We are sorry for the inconveniences. For any other queries do not hesitate to contact us.

Yours sincerely,

Sarah Smith
NAVIGON Support Team MY Reply to Navigon 27 may Dear Sarah Smith

I would strongly dispute that my units were in use for a period of time.
Your statement was not misleading it clearly said "As soon as your device reaches our repair centre, a new unit will be sent to you".
Each time I received a reconditioned unit from yourselves I used the unit once only and found faults with it.
On 2 occasions on receiving a supposedly repaired unit it did not even work when switching the unit on.
On 2 separate occasions I was promised that on return of the unit a new one would be sent to me.
I would also dispute that you have sent me another device similar in price and function.

Price of Navigon 8410 £ 300 pounds.
Price of Navigon Premium 70 £ 179.99 pounds.

List of functions and extras the Navigon Premium 70 does not have as standard compared to the 8410.
Crystal glass screen
Brushed Aluminium casing.
Media player.
Active car holder.
Home charger.
Digital T.V. ready.
Micro S.D. card.

Please note that I am appalled by your treatment of myself which is bombastic and unhelpful to say the least. This matter could have be resolved a long time ago. It is only yourselves that have dragged it out to this length of time.
I am not going to let this matter drop until I have a satisfactory conclusion.

Yours faithfully

George Jones.
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PostPosted: Sat Jul 30, 2011 5:16 pm    Post subject: Navigon sat nav Reply with quote

Its such a shame as Navigon on paper have some nice models. I too would stay well clear after returning a unit to Halfords which had live traffic included but didnt work. Navigon's response was you have to pay for it. Oddly Halfords rep then told them that it had it included and that it said it on the box and they said prove it. They wanted me to send them a photograph of the box proving that this unit had it. In the end Halfords refunded me. Awful service.
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Posted: Today    Post subject: Pocket GPS Advertising

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