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database help for a newbie BTST 2 anyone???

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Joined: Jul 19, 2007
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PostPosted: Fri Jul 20, 2007 3:00 pm    Post subject: database help for a newbie BTST 2 anyone??? Reply with quote

Hello there

I'm a newbie here and was wondering if anyone can help me :D

I am looking for a camera/speedtrap warning system. An accurate database is the most important factor to me.

I have been looking at BTST2 as I believe the database is accurate and up to date. Does anyone have experience of this detector? Is it any good or rubbish?

I also understand that the authorities have to publish on their websites the position of mobile traps a couple of weeks in advance. Are there any databases that take advantage of this?

As for SatNav I don't mind getting a separate system for this. In fact I would prefer this as i would get the best for each type of system, one that's a good navigating and one that's a good camera/speed trap warning.

So once again which system has the best database?

Your experience with your system would be very helpful. I have been looking at Snooper/Road Angel re. SatNav and as I said earlier BTST2 as detector what do people think?

I'm not really interested in radar warning a this is going to be made illegal soon.

Some help with hardware for each type of system would be helpful and people's opinion on them although there is a lot here on this website with reg

Any help will be most gratefully recieved

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Pocket GPS Moderator

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PostPosted: Fri Jul 20, 2007 3:38 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Welcome to the forum, if I were you looking for a speed camera warning system and sat nav I would not go for two separate devices. Most Navigation units can have Points Of Interest (POI's) installed these can be set to warn on approach.

For a database that is compatible with most devices you don't need to use anything other than the Pocket GPS World offering, its about as accurate and upto date as any other in the market place, to be honest I would say it leads by example in terms of accuracy. The database is released at least once per month, although recently updates have been issued every two weeks - so it is very upto date. With thousands of users using the database and submitting new cameras, amendments etc it is accurate, however changes are not simply made when requested. The site employs a number of different methods to verify submissions, including driving to location to check the validity of submission prior to a location being added to the database. (This ensures false submissions are kept to a minimum further aiding accuracy)

In terms of hardware I would consider a Navigation system that meets your needs, some offer hands free for the mobile, mp3 players etc - what is it you want from the device other than decent warnings and navigation?
The Garmin Nuvi range are good devices offering speed camera warnings from either the supplied Cyclops database, or you can install the database from this site.

The Navman devices are now supplied with a speed camera database, again you have the option to install the PGPSW data instead.

TomTom units probably offer the easiest solution in terms of use and configurability, again then come supplied with a speed camera database pre-installed, most users of this site tend to delete the supplied database and use the PGPSW data instead.

True spoken alerts are possible on some systems, TomTom, Route 66, Garmin Nuvi - when configured in such a way the unit will actually say "Warning Gatso ahead speed limit is 50 Miles Per Hour" so you are notified of the camera type and speed limit for the camera.

Have a look at a TomTom One this will cost you about half the cost of the device you have been considering and it provides speed camera alerts and navigation in an easy to use interface - Mike
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PostPosted: Thu Sep 13, 2007 12:09 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

My personal findings are as follows.

I use the following equipment.

Tomtom Go 500 (with the latest complete maps of Europe + Cam database)
Snooper S2 Neo - GPS. (With Active Subscription)
Snooper SD715iS (Laser/Radar detector).

The Snooper SD is a permanent fixture to the car, it's mounted behind the mirror on my Volvo V40 and It's never removed from the car. Many people do say bad things about the old Snoopers SD's saying they give false warnings, and they just beep to often. I have the volume of the device set relatively low and when you read on, you'll see the reason for me still using this old bit of kit (It cost me a little over 15 from Ebay, so it doesn't owe me anything).

The S2 Neo isn't a permanent fixture, this is something I remove from the car every time I leave it, I use a standard Windscreen mount and it's mounted to the right of the drivers steering wheel, to the side of the windscreen pillar (if that makes sense).

Tomtom bracket is a custom job I made myself, it's not attached to the windscreen but is fitted on the dashboard so that it blocks the rev counter. It's using an external GPS Aerial so the signal isn't effected by it's location, the power cord is well hidden and it's not necessary to remove the bracket for fear of having my windows put though as it's not visible once the tomtom is removed from the mount.

It might seem like the 3 devices above are a bit over kill, the only device there that is really worth any money though is the tomtom, and with the age of that now it's not really worth anything. The S2 Neo cost me around 25 (Brand new) off Ebay, and as I've already mentioned the Snooper SD cost just over 15 with postage.

I don't do an obscene amount of driving, but I do often go go places that I don't know. So it's useful though to have the 3 devices.

Without a doubt, the tomtom database of cameras from this site is superior to that of the S2 Neo (Please don't flame me, just my opinion). However, there are several locations on the tomtom database that I've not ever seen a camera in. However, when the S2 Neo start to beep at you as well in the same location, it's a bit of re-assurance that there is possibly something in the area, and if the Snooper SD starts to beep as well (as it has done on many occasion) it's very probable that there is some form of "live" threat in the area and you should be taking action against it (I mean slow down, not set fire to if)

If I had to buy all the kit brand new I'd not have the devices that I have, it's only because they were cheap that I had them. If I had to rely on one of the above bits of kit for camera warnings without a doubt I'd go for the tomtom every time.

I'm not sure the above makes a great deal of sense, Laughing Out Loud. But I hope it might help you in some way.

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PostPosted: Tue Sep 02, 2008 1:12 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

hi m,
i have both the btst 1,2. cant make my mind up which is best. both are very good,mark 1 has the laser detector. dont know if mark 2 has it yet.
the mark 2 you get the updates every week if you want,plus you can see the gps screen, as you get bleeps from the mark 1.
i also use the garmin nuvi 760 which is ok for getting around.
i have not been stoped yet using these units. (touch wood )
i hope this has been of help.
cheers dave.
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Posted: Today    Post subject: Pocket GPS Advertising

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