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Pocket GPS World :: View topic - PalmOne launches GPS solution for Tungsten E
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PalmOne launches GPS solution for Tungsten E

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Pocket GPS Staff
Pocket GPS Staff

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PostPosted: Mon Mar 08, 2004 10:31 pm    Post subject: PalmOne launches GPS solution for Tungsten E Reply with quote

A pioneer of handheld GPS navigation systems across Europe since 1999, palmOne, continues that innovation with the launch of the GPS Solution Tungsten E edition for Europe. Bringing GPS solutions to a broader target audience, this affordable, all-in-one handheld navigation system transforms the Tungsten E handheld into a highly integrated land navigation tool for mobile individuals, small businesses and professionals.

The result of an alliance between three leading solutions providers -- palmOne, a world-leading handheld provider; Kirrio, an international market leader in handheld multimedia accessories; and ViaMichelin, a market leader in the design, development and marketing of digital travel products and services for European road users -- palmOne's new solution is launched at a time when analyst group Canalys is positioning GPS technology as a key application for the handheld market.

"GPS navigation is emerging as one of the most important applications for handhelds. We expect the handheld navigation market to exceed one million units in EMEA this year, and it is vital that handheld vendors offer competitively priced, easy-to-use, bundled solutions," said Chris Jones, Canalys director and senior analyst.

Know where you are at all times

Reaching destinations quicker and with greater accuracy is essential not only for business professionals, sales forces and courier fleets, but also for the 'day tripper' or tourist. palmOne's new GPS solution includes a Tungsten E handheld and the Kirrio ViaMichelin GPS navigation pack. The solution not only allows users to view a variety of maps on a 320 x 320 high-resolution colour display but also has 32MB of RAM to carry multiple maps and an expansion slot for SD Cards and MultiMediaCards to add extra maps if necessary.

Whether you're on foot or driving in unfamiliar places or even in foreign countries, the palmOneä GPS solution can set locations as targets, track progress and calculate distances, thanks to the ViaMichelin itinerary calculation feature, made super-fast with the 126MHz processor. By accessing the handheld's "contacts", users can easily enter their destination address. Alternatively, MapSonic, the solution's voice navigation software, and the built-in speaker on the Tungsten E handheld enable users to locate their final destination to within metres. In addition, the solution's features include automatic repositioning and customisable points of interest.

Driving GPS home

Handheld-based GPS solutions have become true alternatives to in-car navigation systems. Whilst built-in navigation devices are non-portable, not only can the palmOne GPS Solution Tungsten E edition be mounted on the dashboard for hands-free road navigation, but for complete flexibility users can take the navigation facilities with them when they leave the car for use as a pedestrian, or even as a hire car driver abroad, making the GPS Tungsten E edition a truly mobile solution. What's more, because it's a two-piece solution, the user also benefits from a fully-fledged handheld for use as a replacement to their diaries or as a business-critical tool.

Lastly, at the recommended retail price of approximately 449 Euro inc. taxes the palmOne GPS Solution Tungsten E edition is more affordable than most built-in GPS automobile solutions.

Vesey Crichton, vice president, palmOne EMEA, said, "This alliance between three leading solutions providers has enabled us to bring a truly all-in-one GPS solution to market. While there are other GPS navigation tools available today, none simultaneously offer Personal Information Management [PIM], critical business applications and high-quality navigation capability at such an competitive price."

Stéphanie Durroux, VP Marketing & Communications, ViaMichelin said, "ViaMichelin's products aim at providing people on the move with accurate travel information and services, so as to improve the quality of their daily life and work." She continued, "Our navigation software for PDAs included in this palmOne solution gives users instant access to route planning (with voice guidance), detailed maps and points of interest in over 100,000 towns across 16 countries in Europe".

Jean-Luc Verre, business development director, Kirrio, said, "We are always happy to develop groundbreaking accessories for palmOne devices. Whilst the Tungsten E handheld is already a great device in its own right, with the added benefit of this GPS solution, palmOne customers will own an intuitive handheld solution that will help ensure that they are always organised and never lost in a big European city again."
Mike Barrett
Editor, PocketGPSWorld.com
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PostPosted: Sat Mar 13, 2004 9:54 am    Post subject: Any one tried one ?? Reply with quote

I am just about to purchase a pda based system mainly for use in my car and this Palm package appeare a bargain. It seems to be available for 441 Euro which equates to around £304 including vat and delivery.
So if anyone has any hands on experience of this package please report.
Also I have noticed that Mitac in the USA are marketing an integrated pda/gps running Windows Pocket PC 2003 for $499 again info. on whether this system is going to be available in the Uk with relevant maps would be useful.
As a newbie to this site , congratulations it is brilliant.
Still got 2 strong legs and even wings to fly !!!
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Joined: Mar 14, 2004
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PostPosted: Sun Mar 14, 2004 3:18 pm    Post subject: Limited Maps Reply with quote

I am also looking for a Palm based navigation system.

At first sight the the Tungsten E/Kirrio bundle is quite attractive but I note that the maps are only for one country/group (eg UK&I, Benelux) not the whole of Europe. For me (a Brit, living in NL) I want a map solution which allows me to find my away across the continent. There's a similar problem with TomTom.

At present, the best option looks to be a different bundle from Kirrio which includes Mapopolis EUROPE but no PDA (which suits me), details here: http://www.kirrio.com/uk/solutions/index.php.

The other map alternative I have found is Mapopolis and then buy the GPS, mount, etc separately.

Has anybody else made any decisions in this area?
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Joined: Jul 15, 2004
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PostPosted: Thu Jul 15, 2004 3:56 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

seems Tungsten E solution is only top of iceberg
You'll receive only limited number of maps
even not your neighbour ones.
To have whole Europe you have to pay 200 euros more
To have some parts of the map (not the shops near your home ) present in your navigation solution you'll have to buy SD card
Say for One Country in full - 512M SD - 100 euro
in this case the price will be very close to the ones you can find elsewhere
Be carefull!!!
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PostPosted: Sat Feb 25, 2006 8:31 pm    Post subject: Got one. Reply with quote

We bought my son one of these GREAT units on a VERY special price in a local supermarket.

It is a fantastic unit BUT...I am trying to figure out how to add the Safety Camera Database and can as yet find NO directions as to which of the file types to use or how to do it.

I personally have a Navman iC510 and found all of the instructions and have been able to download and then upload to my unit and I am VERY pleased with the results. It works an absolute treat.

SO...if ANYONE can help me with this I would be VERY grateful.
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Posted: Today    Post subject: Pocket GPS Advertising

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