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SatNav with integrated tmc recommendations

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PostPosted: Wed Sep 06, 2006 10:33 pm    Post subject: SatNav with integrated tmc recommendations Reply with quote

I am looking for a SatNav with the following specifications;

Integrated TMC. I might have to plug in a ariel to get it to work but I don't want any 'modules'. I have several routes I could take on my long commute so I will want to power it up at my desk to see the traffic situation before stepping into the car.

Slim and compact so it will easily fit into my pocket. I don't want a fat toblerone like a garmin.

Ideally the TMC info gets converted to audio so I can hear the incidents.

Might come with full european maps as I plan trips to France and maybe Corfu (by car and ferry) next year.

Very easy handling of routes so I can program, and easily select, several of my possible commutes in each direction. This would probably need the use of 'via' or something. This is in case I decide to take a certain way home it is easily selected and I will be warned of any upcoming issues. Some of my alternate routes are a lot longer/circuitous and would likely not be selected by any routing algorithm.

A smaller sized screen is okay, maybe 3 3.5inch.

As you can see I am mainly interested in traffic, not satnav. I already have an led trafficmaster device which is quite helpful and I note that there is now a trafficmaster monitor thingy, but it seems very expensive. Therefore might aswel get the SatNav so that if I select a certain route I will get warned in incidents on that route.

Can anybody comment on the difference in the quality of reported incidents comparing ITIS and trafficmaster?

I don't anticipate any reception problems, other than when out of the car, as I will either fit a magmount aerial or split the car aerial. Reception in the office or home might be another matter though.


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PostPosted: Thu Sep 07, 2006 10:30 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Have you looked at the Garmin Nuvi range - they seem to answer all your questions (very slim unit - fits in your shirt pocket), has Trafficmaster TMC traffic data.

Another option is the Mio C710, which uses iTIS Holdings for its traffic data.

Finally, a TomTom 510/710/910 with the (as yet unreleased) TMC adaptor may be another option, but I'm not sure it meets your "not bulky" requirement.

All will require some work to get traffic whilst at home...

- You will need the Nuvi car mount (front part) to allow a USB charging cable to be plugged in at the same time as the traffic (most require external power for traffic to work)

- The Mio would need a cigaretter adaptor connection in the house to work

- The TomTom would require the same, or you could use TomTom Home to view the traffic and even transfer it to the device (I think)

I've no idea about the Mio or the TomTom, but the Garmin Nuvi 350 or 360 (note, not the 310d, which ships with the traffic unit in the box) should speak the traffic information to you (although someone else should confirm this, as I don't have these units). These two also ship with the European maps, but you'll need to add the traffic module on top.

Price wise, you may find the Mio comes out top, but it does have compromises in some areas, which you might not want.

As for the iTIS / TM debate, I'm firmly in the TM corner, with TM devices in both my cars (as well as TM linked to my SatNav)

Finally, a warning, Garmin are having a "small" problem with their traffic devices at the moment, but it is being resolved, which will hopefully result in much more reliable reception of the traffic data. Garmin also release updates to their software whenever necessary (and are still adding new features and fixes) - I know TomTom release updates every now and then, but you might want to look into how regularly Mio update their software (not the maps - most companies only update those annually).

You also claim you will either fit a magmount, or split the car aerial - the car aerial can't provide you a GPS signal, although you might want to use it to boost the TMC signal (if the device you choose accepts a car aerial connection for the traffic data).
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