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Camera Database Install Guide

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PostPosted: Wed Mar 30, 2005 1:26 pm    Post subject: Camera Database Install Guide Reply with quote


Hello and welcome to the PocketGPSWorld guide to installing POIs onto a TomTom GO, Rider, or One.

If you have arrived at this thread from a link from another website, then once you’ve read this thread, why not have a look in the rest of the TomTom Go forum in PocketGPSWorld? Signup and you can then join in the discussions, ask for help, and help others.


This is intended as an instruction on how to install POIs (especially the PocketGPSWorld camera database) onto all TomTom GO models, i.e. Original, 300, 500, and 700. This also includes the TomTom Rider and One.

If you wish to use the PocketGPSWorld camera database, then you are advised to read the beginner’s guide to the PocketGPSWorld camera database before you continue.

A Points of Interest (POI) database consists of:
a file with extension .OV2 (e.g. pocketgps_uk_gatso_30.ov2)
a companion file with extension .BMP (e.g. pocketgps_uk_gatso_30.bmp)

Back up your SD card before you continue
As a precaution, before you make any changes to your set-up (e.g. add POIs etc) then please ensure that you have a viable backup of your SD card. This is especially important if you have a TomTom Go 300 unit.

Step 1. Download the POI file
Download the POI zip file. Save the file on your computer by selecting “save” when prompted. Save the file in a place where you can easily find it again for step 3 of the installation, e.g. on your Desktop or in My Documents. Unzip the contents.

Step 2. Connect your TomTom GO to your PC
Connect your TomTom GO to your PC using the USB data cable. The USB cable is supplied with your TomTom GO product. Ensure that TomTom GO is powered using the AC adapter.

Your TomTom GO is now visible in "My Computer" as a "Removable Disk".

Step 3. Copy the POI files from your PC
Go to the directory on the local hard drive of your PC where you stored or downloaded the unzipped POI database files (.OV2 and optionally .BMP files)
Select and copy the POI database files.
You must copy the (.OV2 and .BMP) files - do NOT copy the folders.

Step 4. Copy the POI files to your TomTom GO
Go to "My Computer” on your PC;
Go to "Removable Disk";
Then go to the map directory, for example the folder "Great_Britain-Map"; and "paste" the POI files into this folder.

NB If you have a TomTom Go 700, with all of the maps of Western Europe in one place, then you use the "Western_Europe-Map" folder.

The POI files are now successfully copied to this folder. You are ready to use your new POIs on your TomTom GO.

Step 5. Display POIs on your TomTom GO
Finally, to enable POIs in your TomTom GO select them in your POI categories:

Change Preferences | Manage (or Maintain) POI | Enable / Disable POI
Select POI

They now are displayed on your GO screen in both 3D maps and 2D maps.
Even if you do not display POIs on screen, you can now "navigate to" your Poi’s, find POIs near your location, etc.

Step 6. Set up Proximity Alerts (optional)
Change Preferences | Manage (or Maintain) POI | Warn when near POI
Select each POI in turn,
Select the distance for warning
Select the warning sound
Uncheck the "Warn only if POI is on route" box
Repeat until all POIs are set up to warn.

NB. If you check the "Warn only if POI is on route" box, then you will not be warned of POIs that you approach if:
1. The POIs are slightly away from the road.
2. You have no destination and therefore no route planned.

Updating the PocketGPSWorld camera database on your TomTom GO

Sooner or later, the PocketGPSWorld camera database that you currently have loaded on your TomTom GO will be superseded by a later version. We recommend that you always use the latest version.

As always, ensure that you have an up-to-date (and viable) full backup of your TomTom GO’s SD card (or hard drive). Repeat Steps 1 to 4 to copy all of the .OV2 files of the categories and sub-categories of the database to the TomTom GO.

Don’t worry, let the newer versions of the .OV2 files overwrite the existing versions. You do not need to copy the .BMP files of the categories and sub-categories of the database (unless you are adding new categories and sub-categories).

If you have already enabled the categories and sub-categories of the database to display as POIs then the new versions of the .OV2 files will do so as well.

If you have already set up the Proximity Alerts, then these will work with the newer versions of the existing .OV2 files.


The .OV2 file is not in the same directory as the map: see step 4.
The .OV2 file does not contain any POI, or at least no POIs within the borders of the map
You are using a TomTom GO version older than version 4.40.

Some TomTom GO versions (e.g. 5.201) have a reduced maximum limit of (27) POI categories. If you find that your newly added POIs are not shown then move some of the less used POI categories out of the folder and check again.


Unfortunately you can't use .WAV files on a GO. However, if you wish to use spoken alerts (instead of the default beeps) on your TomTom Go then your can use the free PocketGPSWorld voices. The article can be found here. Please read it carefully before you start and ensure that you have a viable backup of your storage card in case anything goes wrong.

This post is a "living document" and thus will be updated as and when necessary.

Please post any questions or comments in this thread.
iPhone 6s Plus, iOS 14.0.1: iOS CamerAlert v2.0.7
TomTom GO Mobile iOS 2.3.1; TomTom (UK & ROI and Europe) iOS apps v1.29
Garmin Camper 770 LMT-D

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