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  POIConverter v3  Popular
Description: POIConverter will convert Points of Interest (waypoints) stored in the following formats to any of the other formats in the first list. In addition route and track data conversions are available for the TomTom, Maptech, Garmin, GPS eXchange and Excel formats. TomTom overlays (*.ov2, *.ovr), ASCII files (*.asc), Navigator 3 Itinerary files (*.itn); Maptech Marks files (*.mxf), Route files (*.rxf), Track files (*.txf); Garmin PCX5 Waypoint files (*.wpt), Route files (*.rte), Track files (*.trk); GPS eXchange files (*.gpx); AutoRoute Pushpins (*.csv); Excel files (*.xls) The following formats can be read TomTom Navigator Log files (*.pgl); MapSource waypoint, route and track data (*.txt) using decimal Lat/Long coordinates; AutoRoute Map files (*.axe); Pocket Streets PushPin files (*.psp) and the following format can be written AutoRoute PushPins with Continental numbers (*.tab)
Version: 3.05 Filesize: 1.54 MB
Added on: 14-Jun-2004 Downloads: 9279 Rating: 9.0 (7 Votes)
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Category: POI Utilities

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