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The next PocketGPSWorld.com Expo is in Surrey

The PocketGPSWorld.com Expo comes to Sandown Park Racecourse on Saturday 21st April from 10am to 4pm.

The PocketGPSWorld.com Expo is the largest dedicated SatNav/Mapping event in the World. It is a face-to-face forum allowing you to touch and feel the equipment as well as chatting to industry specialists. As always, people from all the over World will be in attendance - it's a fantastic excuse for a spring break at Sandown Park in leafy Surrey!

Our Hosting Sponsor will be Navman, Mapping Sponsor Navteq, and Premium Sponsors confirmed so far include TomTom, Garmin, Ordnance Survey, TeleAtlas, CoPilot, Navigon, Via Michelin, Nemesis and iGO.

As usual we will be holding a raffle with some fantastic prizes including several donated navigation systems and the proceeds will this year be donated to Great Ormond Street Hospital’s GOSH appeal.

Entry is free of charge. There is ample parking available at the racecourse and the site is easily accessed from the A3 and M25. Pre-registration is no longer required, just turn up.

NOTE: The PostCode for Sandown Park and the POI on some Satnav's will direct you to the wrong location, close but wrong! Not a great advert for the benefits of satellite navigation. If you are using a navigation device to direct you to the show, the entrance to Sandown Park is on the North side of Portsmouth Road near to the junction with Littleworth Common Road and is well signposted.

The show is in the Esher Hall so park in the right hand side of the car park. The hall entrance is at the far right hand edge of the building. See you all there :)

Please use the forums and not email for questions or comments.

To comment on the Sandown Park Expo click here.

Created by mike barrett on Friday, March 30 @ 18:37:56 UTC

Prize Draw Winning Ticket Numbers

The full list of prizes and winning ticket numbers is now available by following the link below:


Thanks to all who participated and all the many companies who donated prizes.

Raffle Ticket

Article by Darren Griffin on Sunday, April 22 @ 19:15:41 UTC

Sandown Park Expo build up...

Well we got here last night, and despite the hotel not having our rooms booked, and a 3 hour journey round the M25 (to do 60 miles) we were bright and fresh as we started the build up at 8:00am (ish) this morning.

Things have gone really well for a change and although some exhibitors are setting up tomorrow morning most of the stands are built and ready for the grand opening.

When you arrive at Sandown Park Racecourse (see Darren's post above for a warning about using SatNav...) you will find the Esher Hall to the far right of the car park. Hopefully you will be directed to the correct location by the Sandown Park Stewards anyway... Just look out for the PocketGPSWorld.com banners.

The correct entrance for the Sandown Expo
The correct entrance for the Sandown Expo

The Sandown Park expo buildup
The Sandown Park expo buildup

The Sandown Park expo buildup
The Sandown Park expo buildup

The Sandown Park expo buildup
The Sandown Park expo buildup

The Sandown Park expo buildup
The Sandown Park expo buildup

The Sandown Park expo buildup
The Sandown Park expo buildup

The Sandown Park expo buildup
The Sandown Park expo buildup

The Sandown Park expo buildup
The Sandown Park expo buildup

The Sandown Park expo buildup
The Sandown Park expo buildup

The Sandown Park expo buildup
The Sandown Park expo buildup

The Sandown Park expo buildup
The Sandown Park expo buildup

The Sandown Park expo buildup
The Sandown Park expo buildup

The Sandown Park expo buildup
The Sandown Park expo buildup

Article by Mike Barrett on Friday, April 20 @ 19:31:51 UTC

Free USB Bluetooth Dongles!

Thanks to Globalsat, the first 40 attendees at the show can collect a free USB dongle. The Bluetooth USB Dongle runs under Win98SE, WinME, Win2k, WinXP and Vista.

First come first served! Doors open at 10am.

GlobalSat Bluetooth Dongle
GlobalSat Bluetooth Dongle

Article by Darren Griffin on Friday, April 20 @ 11:48:35 UTC

The Prize Draw will take place at 15:00. Check the Rules here ...

The Prize Draw will be taking place at about 15:00 in the catering area of the Expo hall. This may be delayed slightly as our celebrity drawer, Prash of Navman may be held up in traffic on his way from Manchester. Not that it should be a problem as no doubt he will be using the top of the range Navman with RDS-TMC traffic so he will know exactly when he will arrive.

The Rules
All proceeds from the draw will go to Great Ormond Street Hospital GOSH registered charity.
The prize draw will take place at 15:00 or shortly thereafter.
You do not need to be present to win.
Tickets for the draw will be sold from 10am until 14:45.
The draw of winning tickets will be made by Prash (or another Navman employee).
The prize associated with each winning ticket will be drawn from a separate container by the owner of the winning ticket.
If the owner of the winning ticket is not present then the prize will be drawn by PocketGPSWorld.com.
All winning tickets and prizes will be posted on this blog by Monday 23rd April 2007.
All prizes must be claimed by 17:00 BST Monday 14th May 2007.
Absentee prize winners must mail winning tickets to the address announced with the winners list. We recommend that the winning ticket is sent to us using Royal Mail Special Delivery for proof of receipt.
Any prizes not claimed by Monday 14th May will be forfeited.

Good Luck everyone.

Article by Mike Barrett on Wednesday, April 18 @ 20:08:21 UTC

Prash Vadgama: President Navman Group Consumer Products to present the Prize Draw

We have great pleasure in announcing that the President of Navman's Consumer Products will be presenting the prize draw at 15:00. Prash will be traveling from Manchester especially for this event and may arrive a little late due to traffic. This may delay the draw for a few minutes.

We have changed the rules for this expo so you do not need to be present to receive your prize. Please see a separate entry for the details of the Prize Draw.

Prash Vadgmama to present the Prize Draw
Prash Vadgmama to present the Prize Draw

Article by Mike Barrett on Wednesday, April 18 @ 19:42:49 UTC

DSL Developments Donate Three Brodit XDA Active Holders & ProClips

David over at DSL Developments, who sell the huge range of Brodit cradles and ProClips has kindly donated three XDA Orbit Active cradles for the prize draw.

Most of you will have heard of Brodit who have a massive range of custom cradles for nearly every phone, PDA, GPS and more as well as their ProClips which offer a no holes damage free mounting system for individual cars.

DSL Developments have earned a reputation for excellent service with many forum posts from happy customers. To see the full range of cradles and ProClips available click Click here for the DSLDevelopements Website...

DSL Developments
Brodit XDA Orbit Active Holders

Article by Darren Griffin on Wednesday, April 18 @ 09:08:58 UTC

More freebies for Expo Visitors

Thanks to Harald Richter, our friend from HR Auto Comfort in Germany, and Mrs B, we have a PocketGPSWorld.com key ring for the first 2,000 visitors to the Sandown Park SatNav Expo. Harald arranged for the the key fobs to be printed, whilst Mrs B has whiled many an evening mounting the fobs onto the keyrings.

HR Auto Comfort is the manufacturer of some of the best (and most copied) car mounting systems in the world. Their mounts are used in one form or another by a lot of the well known GPS Companies, and a lot of Mobile Phone accessory companies as well. Unfortunately Harald is unable to attend the Expo, but wanted to show his support for us. Thanks from everyone at PocketGPSWorld.com for this give-away Harald!!!

Article by Mike Barrett on Tuesday, April 17 @ 20:11:55 UTC

GPSForLess Donate Universal USB Battery for GOSH Prize Draw

GPSForLess have kindly donated a U2o i-UP 5400 Universal High Capacity External Battery for the draw.

The U20 i-UP 5400 is a hi-capacity 5400 mAh, rechargeable lithium-Polymer battery that allows you to power up your PDA - MP3 - PSP etc multiple times on a single charge. Great for any device with a USB Power Input. How many times have you been away from a power outlet when your iPod, camera, PocketPC, satnav, mobile phone, or any of the myriad other devices that now use miniUSB chargers has run out of juice? Here is he answer!

Click here for more details about the U2o i-UP Battery...
Click here for the GPSForLess Website...

U2O i-UP 5400 Universal External Battery Charger

Article by Darren Griffin on Tuesday, April 17 @ 08:28:25 UTC

Widget donate a Green solar powered GPS to the Prize Draw

Widget are giving us a Keomo Solar GPS Receiver and a Widget Value Pack (consisting of ViaMichelin Software, Genesis iPOD Speaker System, Abacus Atomic Watch) for the GOSH prize draw.

Keomo Solar Nemerix 16 Bluetooth GPS
Keomo introduces the next generation Bluetooth receivers. This next generation Keomo Bluetooth GPS receiver is equipped with a high fidelity solar panel, through which the device automatically charges itself when capturing sunlight. Consequently, the Solar GPS receiver is the only one that deserves the label 'wireless', as now also charging cables have become history!

Click here for more details about the Keomo GPS...
Click here for Widget's site...

The Keomo Solar GPS
The Keomo Solar GPS

Article by Mike Barrett on Monday, April 16 @ 23:36:05 UTC

ALK donate 2 copies of the CoPilot to the GOSH draw

ALK are kindly giving us 2 Pan-European kits of CoPilot for the Great Ormond Street Hospital prize draw.

CoPilot Live turns mobile phones, PDAs and other mobile devices into powerful Sat Nav Systems. Why buy a dedicated Sat Nav system when you can have your own personal CoPilot on your phone or PDA!

Now available for Pocket PC, Smartphone, Symbian S60 (Nokia) and Symbian UIQ (Sony Ericsson).

Click here for more details on the ALK site.

ALK PanEuropean CoPilot
ALK PanEuropean CoPilot

Article by Mike Barrett on Monday, April 16 @ 23:21:06 UTC

ViewRanger are giving the GOSH draw a copy of ViewRanger Great Britain

ViewRanger is an application that displays OS mapping on a Series 60 Smartphone. Connect a Bluetooth GPS to your phone and you will get a moving map with a breadcrumb trail indicating where you have travelled.

From the ViewRanger site
ViewRanger™ is a unique mapping, navigation and information tool for mobile phones that provides information about your immediate surroundings through a natural and intuitive display. With a Bluetooth GPS receiver connected, ViewRanger transforms a Nokia or other Symbian S60 smartphone into a fully featured trail navigation system.

ViewRanger is ideal for tourists, walkers, cyclists, mountain bikers, geocachers, river boaters - in fact anyone who enjoys the outdoors.

Click here for more details...

ViewRanger for Series 60
ViewRanger for Series 60

ViewRanger for Series 60
ViewRanger for Series 60

ViewRanger for Series 60
ViewRanger for Series 60

Article by Mike Barrett on Monday, April 16 @ 23:10:42 UTC

Amaryllo are giving us 2 Amaryllo Purity BT GPS receivers for the draw

Show me the way to Amaryllo...

Not Tony Christie, but our friends from Holland Amaryllo are donating 2 Purity Bluetooth GPS receivers to the GOSH prize draw.

From the Amaryllo site:
Amaryllo Purity is a robust Bluetooth GPS receiver for daily use. Combined with a Smart Phone or PDA, Purity enables full personal navigation capabilities in the car, on bike or by foot.

Purity uses the satellite signals from the GPS system to determine the current location on earth with a high accuracy. Purity can track 20 satellites simultaneously and use these data for the required calculations. This results in a reliable reception and steady fix in urban canyons, under trees and sometimes even in the home. The device uses the standard NMEA protocol and therefore is compatible will all major navigation software packages available on the market.

Click here for more details on the Amaryllo site.

The Amaryllo Purity
The Amaryllo Purity

Article by Mike Barrett on Monday, April 16 @ 23:00:19 UTC

Navman are bringing a Navman F20 Europe for the GOSH prize draw.

Our Hosting Sponsor Navman is bringing along one of their latest GPS PND SatNav systems for the GOSH Prize Draw. The F20 Europe is a very capable system with full european mapping.

Quote from the Navman website:
The F20 introduces a wealth of new features previously only found on much more expensive GPS navigation systems.

So, you get dedicated buttons to find the nearest petrol station or car park – ideal when you’re somewhere unfamiliar, full postcode searches (except the Netherlands) and the easy-to-use touchscreen.

We’ve also included the latest GPS technology in the F20 to achieve that accuracy and reliability, meaning you get high-quality navigation straight out of the box

Navman F20 Europe
Navman F20 Europe

Article by Mike Barrett on Monday, April 16 @ 22:36:42 UTC

Fugawi donate UK Digital Maps to the GOSH Prize Draw.

Despite not attending the PocketGPSWorld Expo at Sandown Park Fugawi have very generously donated a Set of CDs covering the entire UK. The Fugawi software is one of the first 'raster' mapping products that I used, and it still ranks up there with the best...

Some years ago Fugawi introduced OS mapping data into their product portfolio and have just announced version 4. Click here for more details on the Fugawi site.

Fugawi Ordnance Survey Mapping
Fugawi Ordnance Survey Mapping

Article by Mike Barrett on Monday, April 16 @ 22:13:45 UTC

Dont get lost in London: AtoZ are donating 10 Mapping CDs to the GOSH prize draw.

If you are ever lost in London or want to know the way, the chances are that you would consult the AtoZ maps of Greater London.

Well 5 lucky winners in the GOSH Prize draw will receive not only the AtoZ of Greater London, but they will also receive a copy of the AtoZ super scale Great Britain Road Atlas as well. You wont be going away with books though, because this prize is electronic mapping and includes Memory-Map software as well for either a PDA or SmartPhone.

Hook up a GPS and you will know exactly where you are on the map. Neat...

Click here for more details on the AtoZ site.

AtoZ Greater London Maps
AtoZ Greater London Maps

AtoZ Great Britain Road Atlas
AtoZ Great Britain Road Atlas

Article by Mike Barrett on Monday, April 16 @ 21:24:50 UTC

Route66 are giving a Chicago 9000 to the GOSH prize draw

Route66 are exhibiting as part of the mapping sponsor Navteq's Stand, and have offered us a Chicago 9000 for the GOSH prize draw.

Route66 is the software that powers the latest Nokia 6610 Navigator that I was raving about at 3GSM in Barcelona this year. This latest phone will be demonstrated at the PocketGPSWorld.com Expo this weekend

Extract from the Route66 site:

Easy-to-use software:
You don’t have to be an experienced driver or an IT specialist to use this product. Our professional solution is simple and user-friendly.
Let the product do all the calculations for you. Meanwhile, concentrate on the road ahead of you and enjoy your trip.
Behind the wheel. On your bike. Or simply walking. Our solution adapts to your needs and lifestyle.
Customize! Customize! Customize! It has never been easier to define your navigation the way you like it! Switch from day view to night view. Browse your route in the classical 2D view, or fly like a bird over the map in the more challenging 3D perspective. Change map colours. Set speed limits and speed alerts. Pick the language of the voice instructions and the user interface. Take advantage of the extensive collection of points-of-interest. Keep your expenses under control...
Do you want to navigate from A to B? Would you rather prefer a detour from the initial route? What about longer trips, with many stopovers? Tap a few times and off you go!

Comprehensive map coverage:
The geographic data is provided by NAVTEQ, a world leader in premium-quality digital map data.
Street-level or major roads. National or Pan-European coverage. It’s up to you!
Choose from an impressive collection of points-of-interest, including restaurants, hotels and petrol stations.

State-of-the-art technology:
The navigation software and maps are preloaded on the device, improving the response time. Thus, you avoid data bottlenecks via slow Internet connections or poor network coverage.
With Windows Mobile technology, the information is available anytime, anywhere and your experience is more personal and versatile.

Start navigating now! It’s that simple!

Click here for more details on the Route66 site...

Route66 Chicago 9000
Route66 Chicago 9000

Article by Mike Barrett on Monday, April 16 @ 20:57:01 UTC

Radio Jackie - PocketGPSWorld.Com Expo Commercial

Radio Jackie listeners in SW London & Surrey will be hearing our GPS Expo Commercial from Monday. We've commissioned a special advert to publicise the forthcoming show which will air ten times a day throughout the week from Monday. For a sneak preview click here. If you're outside the coverage area then listen in on the web at http://www.radiojackie.com.

Radio Jackie Logo
Radio Jackie will be airing our new commercial for the Expo

Article by Darren Griffin on Friday, April 13 @ 21:29:55 UTC

Via Michelin pledge an X-970T for the GOSH Prize Draw

Via Michelin offered us a choice of units for the GOSH Prize Draw: an X-980T, or the yet to be launched X-970T. In a brave move I suggested the X-970T and was told that they would be available in time for the show.

The X970T offers advanced functions like Bluetooth handsfree calling, fully integrated in the software – touch the screen to answer a call. The mount includes a built in speaker for amplifying the devices output and all leads are plugged into the base (TMC (provided by ITIS), power) allowing fast removal from the vehicle. The TMC is worthy of it’s own special mention as this unique design removes the need for trailing wires around the windscreen; Click here for more... The X970T retails at £239 for the UK & Ireland version and £279 for European.

The Via Michelin X-970T
The Via Michelin X-970T

Article by Mike Barrett on Wednesday, April 11 @ 15:40:30 UTC

Garmin are providing a Nuvi 660 SatNav for the GOSH Prize Draw

Garmin today pledged one of the new Nuvi 660 SatNavs with a 4.3 inch widescreen, full European Mapping with Navteq maps, and Safety camera alerts provided by Cyclops. Click here for more details.

Features of the 660

Slim design
Easy to use
Safety Camera alerts enabled by Cyclops™
Entertainment on the move
Full European mapping

The Garmin Nuvi 660
The Garmin Nuvi 660

Article by Mike Barrett on Wednesday, April 11 @ 15:18:51 UTC

TomTom donate 3 SatNav packages for the GOSH prize draw.

I have just had confirmation from TomTom that, as usual, they will be contributing to our Prize Draw.

TomTom are very generously donating the following:

TomTom's top of the Range GO 910,
The recently released TomTom ONE New Edition
and a copy of Navigator 6 for PDA/Mobile.

As usual all proceeds from the Prize Draw will go to the nominated charity for the event. This time it is the Great Ormond Street GOSH appeal for sick children.

Article by Mike Barrett on Tuesday, April 10 @ 18:13:08 UTC

Sandown Park Expo Details

To reserve your FREE places please do the following:
1. Email expo2007@PocketGPSWorld.com
2. Include your name
3. The approximate number of people who wish to attend (no names necessary)
4. If you are in the GPS Industry please let us know what company you work for, even if you are not attending in an official capacity
5. Please use the forums and not email for questions or comments

As a courtesy, we will be sending out confirmation emails, but because many large ISPs mistakenly block a lot of legitimate emails thinking they are spam your confirmation email may not be delivered. It may also have been filtered on your computer. If you do not receive a confirmation email, please check your junk/deleted mail folders. Also, please watch for news here on the forums. That said, everyone that replies before the 31st March is guaranteed a free place.

Please print this confirmation email as a proof of your invitation and bring it with you on the day.

When is it?
Saturday 21st April from 10.00-4.00pm

Where is it?
The Esher Hall at Sandown Park Racecourse.
Portsmouth Road, Esher, Surrey KT10 9AJ
Tel. +44 (0) 1372 464348 (Exhibitions and Events)
Email: sandown.events@jockeyclubracecourses.com

Where do I stay?
Holiday Inn Shepperton (the PocketGPSWorld.com team are staying at the Holiday Inn)
Premier Inn Chessington

Looking forward to seeing you all there!

Article by mike barrett on Friday, March 30 @ 21:03:40 UTC

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