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 Ultimate GPS Map Comparison (Pocket PC)

Updated 19th March 2003

 Article by Dave Burrows


The first thing anyone asks you if you have a GPS device is, what are the maps like ?  How much detail do they cover ?  I've heard Product ABC has the best maps ?


At Pocket GPS, we wanted to do something different than a review of each product.  We thought long and hard about when we purchased our first GPS systems, what were the main questions that was holding up the purchase ?  The answer was maps.  A GPS product can be the best product available, but if the maps do not cover enough detail, then the product as a whole is near to useless.  So we decided to include something that no other review site has ever shown.  That's to compare maps between all the GPS/Mapping products we review.  We've picked 8 levels of detail between the maps ranging from atlas style showing only the major roads, right down to city street map style. 


One thing we won't do is force our opinions onto you, we believe the maps speak for themselves.  Click the maps below to open up a full map screenshot comparison.  Click on the Review Rating below each Product name to be taken to the review and work out which mapping software is right for you!  If you have any questions, please visit the Pocket GPS Forums where we should be able to answer any of your questions.


Click to show the full Ultimate Map Comparison


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