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18th August 2002



Livingstone was developed soon after the Pocket PC was introduced.

The Pocket PC gave users a very powerful hand-held device with a user-friendly screen (full-colour and 3 times the size of the Palm mono screen), 32 MB of RAM as standard (Palm had 8 MB), and the ability to expand its memory by over 200 MB using industry-standard CF cards.

In addition, a number of small easy-to-use handheld or plug-in GPS units were becoming available for use with Pocket PCs.

Lastly, users were frustrated by not being able to have their own familiar paper maps available on this marvellous device.

Now, Livingstone delivers full-colour maps, the maps that we all know and use every day. The same as paper maps, in fact the same paper maps. Multiple layers to get different views, often with shading, relief, contours, buildings and with all the information you find normally on a standard map.

Not spidery lines, but real maps. And geo-referenced, as best we can, for real-time use with your GPS.

For the first time, you can use your Pocket PC tramping in your National Parks, cruising on the Great Barrier Reef, trekking in Nepal, exploring Yosemite or Yellowstone, fell-walking in the Lakes District, savouring Provence, or for off-road navigation in the Emirates.

Anywhere in the world, provided of course suitable maps are available (and unfortunately some parts of the world have better mapping than others).

All in one, portable, light-weight, multi-functional device.





Pocket GPS will be bringing a review to you shortly of this product.  If you already have this product and would like to provide an independent review, or if you work for Livingstone Guides and would like to provide additional hardware/software for the review, please get in contact with us at reviews@pocketgpsworld.com.

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