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Krusell GO Case Review

Date 9th March 2006

Review by Darren Griffin



Krusell TomTom GO Case

Whilst we were at CeBIT two years ago we discovered Krusell. Krusell are based in Sweden and manufacture cases for all types of electrical equipment, but mainly focus on PDA's and Phone cases. We have to date tested a great many of their products and they never fail to meet our high expectations for quality, design and fit.


Krusell have recently launched a case for the TomTom GO and the guys at Zoodex.Com have kindly supplied us with a sample for review.



The TomTom GO range has until recently been poorly catered for in the case department. There have been a few solutions that allow you to protect it when not in use but none that protect it all the time and allow it to be docked on the mount whilst still in the case.


Enter Krusell with a superb solution. Arriving in a rather smart box that would be worthy of some expensive jewellery I was excited to see how they had arrived at a solution to this issue!


Krusell's solution is rather special in that it has three modes of operation.




The basic leather case which protects the GO case and has a cut-out which allows easy access to the touch screen. In this mode it can be affixed to the mount easily whilst remaining cocooned in its protective case.


The case has a zip enclosure and in common with all Krusell cases the fit and finish is superb. So good in fact that at first it's a very very tight fit and takes some huffing and puffing to get it to close. This becomes easier as the leather beds in but you won't find any baggy bits in this case, it looks superb and fits like a glove.


Access to the SD card slot on 300/500 models is provided via a slot cut into the transparent front plastic layer.


On the bottom there is a cut-out for the mount and on the rear are holes for power, USB and a circular mesh and leather grill covering the speaker port.










A leather flap/cover with transparent plastic screen is supplied which allows the GO to be carried around town whilst maintaining the highest level of protection.


In this mode the screen is still visible but access to the touch screen is limited. This flap attaches by press studs, two at the top and another two at the bottom. If you're not using the Visor (see below) then you can have this cover attached when docked also.


In conjunction with the leather carrying strap (also supplied) which attaches to the affixed D-ring this is the ideal mode for use away from the car.




Case with Cover



The detachable visor. There have been a number of solutions to the issue of sun glare. Krusell's is a leather visor which attaches to the case utilising the top two press studs and another two, one either side of the case.


With the visor affixed it offers a good amount of shade to the display allowing it to be viewed in bright sunlight with ease but crucially does not prevent access to the touch screen.


Now I know the UK is not exactly a sun bleached paradise but I found many occasions last summer when this would have made visibility much easier.

Case with Visor



Yet again Krusell have stepped up to the mark and produced another quality solution. It's permanently affixed to my wife's GO now and the way she treats hers it needed it!


Catches? None really, the case can be left permanently affixed as it allows the Go to be mounted on the cradle whilst fitted. Even the cost is good value, at time of writing it was available for £19.99 (£23.49 inc VAT).


Considering the cost of these devices this is a small amount to pay and affords your GO some very welcome protection.

Case Rear View


Case on Mount



Review equipment supplied by Zoodex.Com
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