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Sometimes it's hard to determine what Handheld GPS Receivers have what features. They all look alike and have very similar features, the only thing sometimes to tie them apart is one or two features.

With this in mind we've pulled together a huge comparison of GPS Receivers showing the full specifications of each receiver making it easy to tell which receiver has which features in a single resource.


btgpscompare.php Bluetooth GPS Comparisons
The following is a collection of Bluetooth Statistics acquired from Manufacturer specifications. Please note that the battery time is not what the manufacturer states, but what we have experienced in our reviews.
handheldcomparison.php Handheld GPS Comparison
There are so many handheld GPS Receivers out on the market, it
garmin-street-pilot-2610-comparison.php PocketGPSWorld.com Garmin Street Pilot comparison
Ever wanted to know what the differences are in the Garmin Street Pilots are? Click here and find out…
gpshardware.php PocketGPSWorld.com GPS Hardware comparison database
Our comparison charts are the most comprehensive in the GPS sector, but the main problem we have experienced is keeping a product matrix like this up to date manually is a real hassle. So after many months of discussions and the hard work put into the coding of the database from Lutz, we have now launched the PocketGPSWorld.com Comparison Database.


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