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Are you looking for a Speed Camera detector? We have reviews of some of the more popular systems. Remember that active detectors will soon be illegal and you will only be able to use passive ones driven by GPS and Speed Camera databases.


roadangel.php Blackspot Road Angel
The Road Angel like many of the new devices does not come equipped with a Radar Detector, but has it
cyclops.php Cyclops Driver Safety System
Cyclops are a new entrant into this market with their Cyclops GPS Driver Safety System. It has a RRP 299.99 which makes it the cheapest GPS based warning system available at time of writing and has some useful features that help it stand apart from its competition.
drive-smart.php Drive-Smart Review
Drive-Smart In-Depth Review
Dummy-Cameras-Change-of-Policy-6612.php Dummy Cameras Change of Policy
This is a news article from PocketGPSWorld.com titled - Dummy Cameras Change of Policy
Media-awakens-to-Spike-camera-testing-4644.php Media awakens to Spike camera testing
This is a news article from PocketGPSWorld.com titled - Media awakens to Spike camera testing
geodesy.php Morpheous Geodesy Review
The Geodesy is small and compact, but has great potential. Most of the time the Geodesy just sits there on the dashboard with a blue led to show that it has a satellite fix, but isn
roadpilot.php Morpheous Road Pilot Review
The Road Pilot has also some unique features that aren
originb2.php Origin b2 Review
Origin Technologies bluei Speed Trap Warning System was a market leader including many features that were either wholly new or additional cost options on other units. The latest Origin b2 safety driver safety system builds on this success with a long list of desirable features and innovations.
talex.php Talex Speed Camera Detection System
Click here for the PocketGPSWorld.com review of the Talex speed camera detector


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