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This is the bottom of the pile. Anything that we couldn’t fit anywhere else goes in here!!


about.php About PocketGPSWorld.com Ltd
About Pocket GPS. Pocket GPS is the ultimate resource for Pocket GPS news, reviews, user articles and is packed with lots of forums where GPS users can post questions and receive answers
apple-gps-iphone-3g-launched-a1042.php Apple Launch the iPhone 3G with GPS
The long awaited Apple iPhone 3G with integrated GPS capabilities has been launched and at PocketGPSWorld.com we were lucky enough to get our hands on one on launch day. Rumours of a GPS enabled iPhone started almost immediately after the launch of the original iPhone, and these were confirmed just over a month ago in San Francisco by Steve Jobs Apple
Berg-Insight--43m-European-Cars-Have-OnBoard-Telematics-9768.php Berg Insight 43m European Cars Have OnBoard Telematics
This is a news article from PocketGPSWorld.com titled - Berg Insight 43m European Cars Have OnBoard Telematics
navman-icn510-preview.php Navman iCN510 Preview
We announced on 13th September 2004 that Navman have three new products coming out. The Navman iCN635, iCN650 and the iCN510 (the latter of which we will be previewing here). All three products comes complete with the new Navman V3 software which includes new features like
navman-icn630v2-upgrade.php Navman iCN630 V2 Upgrade Review
This mini review is tailored more for existing Navman iCN630 owners, and people who have already tried the original iCN630 and would like to know what differences to expect in the latest release of the V2 software.
nikon-d300-gps-camera-a1035.php Nikon D300 and D3 GPS enabled cameras
The new Nikon D3 and D300 cameras support GPS tagging of images.
merchandise.php Pocket GPS Merchandise
Would you like to support your favourite website and give something back ? Pocket GPS can now offer all sorts of merchandise with the Pocket GPS Logo on from items like mugs, mouse mats, t-shirts, clocks, bags and more items. If you would like to give something back to Pocket GPS, you can either purchase some of our merchandise which ships from our Cafe Press store by clicking on the products below, or if you would prefer to donate $15, you can do so with the PayPal Donate button below.
mapcompare2.php Pocket GPS Ultimate Map Comparison Guide
Pocket GPS Ultimate Map Comparison Guide. We include screenshots from SmartPath Trips/City, TomTom RoutePlanner/CityMaps, PowerLOC Destinator and Microsoft Pocket Streets.
themes.php Pocket PC Themes
neil-richards.php PocketGPS
PocketGPSWorld-Podcast--Pilot-Show--001-2625.php PocketGPSWorld Podcast Pilot Show 001
This is a news article from PocketGPSWorld.com titled - PocketGPSWorld Podcast Pilot Show 001
iphone.php PocketGPSWorld.com - iPhone Camera viewer
pocket-gps-world-awards-2003.php PocketGPSWorld.com Awards 2003
This is the first annual awards of GPS products for PocketGPSWorld.com. We decided it was about time that GPS manufacturers were rewarded and receive recognition for the products they create, so we decided for the year end of 2003 we would create a new award ceremony, and this would be called the PocketGPSWorld.com Awards 2003.
red-hen-blue2can-gps-a1037.php Red Hen Blue2CAN for Nikon D3 and D300 GPS cameras review
Last year Nikon announced the latest in their range of Digital SLR cameras, the D3 and D300. These are targeted at the top of the range with a price tag of £3400 for the D3 and a slightly more affordable £1300 for the D300. Red Hen Systems have produced a tiny Bluetooth adapter that connects to a bluetooth GPS and transmits the GPS data to the camera: the Blue2CAN.


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