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With so many GPS Street Routing offerings it's important to show off the styles of maps used. Although most of the products use either NavTeq or TeleAtlas maps, the maps and interfaces vary from one product to another.

With the GPS Software Comparisons you can see exactly what each product looks like in a long table and also see the various levels of magnification on each map product.


navmanvstomtom.php Navman SmartST Pro vs TomTom Navigator (Head to Head)
TomTom Navigator has now been around for a few months, Navman Smart ST Pro has also been around for nearly a month now, so we thought it about time to bring a head to head comparison between the two products. What will we be covering in this head to head comparison ?
compareomatic/index.php?TempID=21 PDA street navigation systems in North America
Comparrison of the different GPS navigation packages available in North America
copilot-vs-ostia.php PocketGPSWorld.com Copilot V Ostia comparison
Click here for the CoPilot versus Ostia comparison review


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