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Aviation Reviews include articles and reviews of hardware and software for in the cockpit whether it's tailored aviation products like TeleType Aviation, WinPilot AVR or NavGPS, or just systems that can help and aid flying a plane or helicopter.

This section also includes any reader reviews submitted on in-cockpit setups, or experiences with GPS and flying.


anywheremapsw.php Anywhere Map for the Pocket PC review
The Anywhere Map™ is a totally unique tool for today’s pilot, quite unlike anything most pilots have ever used. Designed and refined by experienced pilots, it combines the important features of an advanced color moving map, terrain avoidance and flight management system, flight planner, airport guidebook, flight calculator, clearance recorder, and copilot, into an amazingly compact and easy to use package that literally fits into your shirt-pocket.
EGNOS--Declared-OK-for-aviation-2694.php EGNOS Declared OK for aviation
This is a news article from PocketGPSWorld.com titled - EGNOS Declared OK for aviation
navgpssw.php Navgps for the Pocket PC
Navgps Basic is the entry level product and provides all basic aviation navigational functionality. Designed from the ground-up by a pilot and with input from other professional pilots. It
navgps.php NavGPS Pro Aeronautical Review
NavGPS is a well thought out and comprehensive aeronautical navigation system for Pocket PC
pocketfms.php Pocket FMS v0.9.44 Beta
Pocket FMS is a freeware package available to aviation users for both the PC and Pocket PC.
teletypeaviation.php TeleType World Navigator Aeronautical Review
This product is part of Teletype
winpilot.php WinPilot GPS Aviation Navigation Software
WinPilot is a unique peace of software. It
winpilotvfr.php WinPilot VFR for Powered Aircraft v1.51
WinPilot VFR is a comprehensive planning and in flight information software package. The hardware requirement includes a pocketPC ( Ipaq 31/36/37/38/39 or HP Jornada 540), a GPS receiver (NMEA, GPRMC or GPGGA sentences) and a battery power source. (Unless there is an accessory socket in the plane).


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