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SD GPS Receivers are great for both in-car usage for street routing applications, or for out of car use like for walking or hiking. The GlobalSat SD502 SD GPS Receivers also come with on-board memory for storage of map data.

These systems are usually compact, but do run on the power provided by your Pocket PC or Palm, so if you know that your average battery power for your PDA is say 5 hours, in most cases you will only see around 2-3 hours use with GPS Receiver. There are ways of getting around power problems by taking a battery extender with you on walks, and we have reviewed some in our GPS Accessories section of our reviews.


globalsat-sd-502-launch.php Globalsat launch the SD-502 SDIO GPS with memory in the UK
The PocketGPSWorld.com GPS Event in Basingstoke seems like a long time ago now but it is only 2 weeks. Quite a few products were launched at the event one of which was the Globalsat SD-502.
globalsat-sd502-gps-review.php Globalsat SD-502 SDIO GPS receiver with memory review
When we visited the Globalsat booth in CeBIT they had a number of new devices on display. One of these was the SD-502, an new updated SDIO based GPS receiver with onboard memory. It has taken a while, but this was launched in the UK at the PocketGPSWorld.com GPS Event at Basingstoke in November. I have been putting the Globalsat GPS receiver through its paces over the last few months to see how it performs in real life
globalsat-sdio-gps-sd501.php GlobalSat SDIO GPS SD receiver review
PocketGPSWorld.com: Click here for the review of the GlobalSat SD501 SDIO GPS receiver.


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