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 GPS Ideas PREVIEW for the Pocket PC

24th August 2002


 Price $24.99 (Normal), $49.99 (Pro)

GPS Ideas is a new product from JGUI designed specifically for the Pocket PC and any GPS device.  On similar lines to OziExplorer CE, it allows you to import any map that you create in JPG or Windows Bitmap format (BMP) and currently is supplied with a world map. 

Creating a map can be very easily achieved, I took a screenshot of AutoRoute, cropped the picture in Paint Shop Pro, and saved it in JPG format to my Storage Card.  I could then open the newly created map in GPS Ideas on the Pocket PC.


GPS Ideas has had a lot of thought put into it, the various menus below show just how many options there are.  Janusz has thought of pretty much anything you'd want in a GPS application.  Full Screen and Keep Center are very practical features, GPS Ideas also lets you go to various calibration points that you've setup on the map, or go to the current point, target point or tracking start.



The GPS Status screen is currently one of my favourites, like the Navman, TomTom and Destinator screens, you see the world in circles, and GPS satellite numbers will then appear depending on how many are seen or of how many you can receive a location on.  You also get the bar strength along the bottom right hand side of the screen that gives you a visual identification, along with a visual Visible and Fixed option.


This when grouped with the world map, or your own map for me is invaluable, and to be able to enable this on screen at all times is great.  I wish other GPS software companies would give you the same option.  Navman and TomTom give you a small bar graph at the top right of the map with a number next to it, but I've always felt that this isn't enough when driving.  I always find it cumbersome having to go into a GPS Status screen to verify that I've lost complete satellite coverage, then to come back out to see the map, and to manually move the map around.


I had tried to manually plot three co-ordinates on the map I had created, but it showed me being about 1/2 a mile away from the present location.  I believe this is a fault with AutoRoute, as this is where I took the Longitude and Latitude from, and I have errors like this when using AutoRoute with other applications, so hopefully we will be able to give you more of a view and screenshots when the full review comes.


GPS Ideas is a program that allows you to use your Pocket PC and GPS Receiver more practically and efficiently.  It collects your trip, driving, walking, climbing moves, viewpoints, tracks, and give you a maximum of today's GPS possibilities.  It will also show you which direction you are heading in.  There are so many options, I can't even mention them in this short preview, so please look at the screenshots below for further added features.  You will also see on the far right a customised AutoRoute 2000 map that's been saved to my Storage Card


Please bear in mind that this is only a preview of GPS Pro, we hope to have a fuller review later on the navigational control.



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