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GPS Ideas for the Pocket PC

19th August 2002


Cost $24.99 (Normal), $49.99 (Pro)


GPSIDEA is a program allows you to use your Pocket Personal Computer with GPS receiver easier, more reliable and efficiently.  It collects your trip, driving, walking, climbing moves, viewpoints, tracks, and give you a maximum of today's GPS possibilities.



GPSIDEA includes the following features:-

  • GPSIDEA uses any road map, street plan, satellite view, in any scale, User can make, add or delete any number of map's files

  • GPSIDEA uses normal window (with menu bars) or fullscreen mode (gives User more points of Pocket PC small screen)

  • GPSIDEA shows actual point (your location), direction of moving, detailed geographical position

  • GPSIDEA shows many other information over the map, current speed, target point, direction and distance to target

  • GPSIDEA tracks your moving, checks locations between distance or time adjusted, write lines, mark start and stop points

  • GPSIDEA helps to protect your life: User adjusts speed limits and GPSIDEA will alarm when it will over

  • GPSIDEA PRO version gives more: satellite details, strength and precision, background working (periodically turn on a power of Pocket PC, check current position, save it and turn off a power)



Differences between versions:
Popup About dialog every 5 minutes YES                
Disconnect GPS receiver every 5 minutes YES                
Save/open tracks and routes YES YES YES
Auto-selection of maps NO YES YES
Auto-selection of best scaled maps NO YES YES
Save/open tracks and routes NO NO YES
Advanced list of voice announces and alerts NO NO YES
Advanced intelligence auto-selection of maps NO NO YES
Satellites positions diagram NO NO YES
Satellites signals diagram NO NO YES
Cost  FREE  $24.99  $49.99 



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