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Compaq iNS

18th August 2002



The iPAQ Navigation System from Compaq is the first in-car and personal navigation system that brings you voice directions and postcode routing based on the iPAQ Pocket PC.


Unlike fixed, on-board systems, you can transfer your iPAQ Navigation System between cars. Take advantage of its portability by removing the iNS from the car and benefiting from all the features of a powerful pocket PC.

With the new iPAQ Navigation System, you'll never need directions again!

The iPAQ Navigation System delivers precise and instant in-car and personal navigation:

A new release of software is now available for the iPAQ Navigation System.  iPAQ™ NAVIGATION SYSTEM v1.2 - enjoy the advantages of the very latest navigation software: New features include.

Detailed spoken instructions and voice prompts
Improved compression, allowing for greater map data storage. The entire UK & Ireland dataset now fits on a 128MB flash card.

Integration with Pocket Outlook® Contacts for easy destination search.  Avoid selected roads and detour around slow traffic, improved roundabout handling

All new iPAQ Navigation Systems will include the new software release. The new CD's are easily identified by "v1.2" printed on the CD. If you purchase a new iPAQ Navigation System and you don't have the new CD please call our Support Desk and we will send you a new CD.



 - Portability - transfer your iPAQ Navigation System from one car to another.
 - Voice directions - spoken voice directions guide you to your destination. Keep your eyes on the road with this important safety feature.
 - Handheld PC - your iPAQ Navigation System is also a multi-functional handheld PC.
 - Plug and Play - the iPAQ Navigation System works out-of-the-box. No costly professional installation is required.
 - Price - The iPAQ Navigation System costs just £499.00 and £999.00 when bought with an iPAQ H3850 Pocket PC.


Pocket GPS will be bringing a review to you shortly of this product.  If you already have this product and would like to provide an independent review, or if you work for Compaq and would like to provide additional hardware/software for the review, please get in contact with us at [email protected].

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