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Brodit In-Car Mount Review

14th February 2003

 Review by


Darren Griffin and

Mike Barrett


Manufacturers www.brodit.se

UK retailers www.handnav.co.uk

UK Distributers www.nemesisgb.com


One of the most important accessories youíll need when constructing an in-car PDA GPS set-up is the mounting system.  There are many options available, some GPS receivers come with mounts (If you own a Navman or Compaq iNS system with the Navman 3000 Jacket youíll know how poor the supplied suction mount is!)  and companies such as Arkon and RAM-Mounts have captured the market for replacement third party mounting systems.


Into this arena enters Brodit.  A

relative newcomer on UK shores this Swedish company have established a well deserved reputation for quality mounting solutions for all manner of communications devices including 2-way radios, cell phones, navigation and video monitors and more importantly for us, Pocket PCís.  Through their UK Distributor Nemesis they are now available in the UK, Handnav is the UK retailer.


Broditís solution is superb, firstly you choose a holder for your PDA from wide range available.  They currently manufacture holders for all iPAQ models, Pocket LOOX, XDA and Toshiba units.  Holders are available for most configurations including CF Jacket, PCMCIA Jackets as well as Navman 3000, TomTom and Destinator external GPS etc and can be ordered with or without built in 12v power or can be supplied ready for you to fit your own 12v power supply if you already possess one.  Next you need to choose a ProClip specifically designed for your car from their huge range.  These custom ABS mounts are available to fit a variety of locations in your vehicle, and affix by simply snapping around trim without any need to use screws.



So what are they like?  Well I had mine fitted in 5 minutes, 4 minutes of that was spent screwing the iPAQ bracket to my X-Typeís ProClip bracket using the supplied screws.  Once Iíd done this the ProClip snapped into place on the dashboard in seconds and is very stable.  With the mount affixed it looks superb and because it is adjustable it can be oriented to suit you and reduce reflection.  I can now drop the iPAQ into the holder where it mates with the 12v connector without fumbling to connect the power leads.  When I arrive at my destination I can quickly remove the iPAQ.  I further customised mine by running an additional 12v power socket behind the dashboard where it connects to the Brodit mountís power lead so I no longer have any dangling power leads.



Both the ProClip and the holder are very well made, moulded in black ABS plastic, they have the look of a manufacturer supplied fitment and really do look like they are meant to be there and not an afterthought.  No more do I have to worry about the suction mount falling off the screen and it is now closer to me and easier to view.  Itís also no longer obscuring part of the windscreen.  Although mine is made to hold an iPAQ coupled with a Navman 3000 jacket it will work equally well with a CF Jacket, PCMCIA Jacket or just the protective jacket that comes with all iPAQís.



Because my iPAQ is a 3630, power is supplied via the standard power socket, Mike Barrett is testing the 38xx version which supplies power via the sync port, this has the further benefit of getting rid of the horrible adapter that you need to use with some 12v power cables.





Other Sleeves

Brodit mounts with CoPilot CF Card, New CoPilot (EMTAC) Sleeve, Navman Sleeve and a standard protection sleeve are shown below. 



I canít think of a bad thing to say about Broditís mounting system.  It looks superb, mounts quickly and securely and is by far the best solution Iíve yet seen.  Itís not the cheapest solution but at £29.00-£35.00 for a charging holder itís very reasonable, ProClip prices vary but again are good value at about £10 - £15.  


The only concern I do have is that the range is so large it can be quite difficult identifying which holder best suits your requirements! 


Having invested a large sum of money on your PDA and GPS you owe it to yourself to get a Brodit mounting system.


Availability in the UK is through Broditís UK retailers Handnav Technology who maintain stock of all the components:


Phone: +44 (0)20 8443 4337 +44 (0)870 777 5530
Website: http://www.handnav.co.uk http://www.nemesisgb.com  (homepage unavailable but will be available within a few weeks)
Email: sales@handnav.co.uk sales@nemesisgb.com
Address: HandNav Technology
PO Box 742
Nemesis (GB) Ltd
13 Aintree Road
Keytec 7 Business Park
Pershore, Worcestershire
WR10 2JN


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