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Arkon CM429 Vent Mount

24th March 2003

 Review by Dave Burrows

 UK Price: 35.24 (Expansys.com)

 US Price: $44.95 (Arkon.com)


After using various Arkon mounts ranging from the windscreen mounts and multimedia mounts, and liking the look of TheClip.com's button vent mount, I decided to take a look at Arkon's CM429 vent mount.


Like other Arkon mounts, the CM429 is built to last.  It's a sleeve that fits over the current sleeve you have on the iPAQ and the depth of the sleeve means not only can you use it with a standard sleeve, a Compact Flash Sleeve, or a PCMCIA sleeve, but also the dual PCMCIA sleeve! 


This is one thing that really appeals to me as I do now and again put the dual sleeve on my iPAQ, and to be able to not only take the weight, but fit snugly is a real benefit!


For any of you who have seen TheClip.com button vent mount will notice similarities to the vent clips supplied with the Arkon CM429.


The vent clip looks rather like a smiley face, the clips slot into place along the long horizontal gap and are fully adjustable in width to accommodate most vents.  Below this on the back you'll see a pivoted foot that allows you to rest this on the body work of the dashboard or at the base of the vent mount.  This brings the sturdiness to the vent mount and allows you to put a dual sleeve on with ease and not have to worry about the weight.


Two Arkon CM429 vent mounts installed with iPAQ's


I really must say I am impressed.  The CM656 and CM629 that I already have are great windscreen mounts, but you do get a little bit of play, so if you're driving along a bumpy road, you will see the whole unit shift slightly, but with the vent mount, I've found the iPAQ sits perfectly in place.  The only thing really that is missing from this setup would be a swivel mount allowing you to adjust the angle of the iPAQ, but I think this would bring a little instability to the whole setup, and I'm quite content with how it currently sits in car.  I've now removed all of my windscreen mounts and gone with three Arkon CM429 vent mounts.  Not only do the vent mounts look neater, but a quick glance at the car from the front or side looks like there's no mounts inside, which will help deter thief's.  If you are worried about de-installing the vent mounts, don't be! 


They can be uninstalled in less than a minute, making it ideal allowing you to put it in the glove compartment or boot, or even take it with you.  You'll see from the photo on the right that the vent mount comes in two pieces and slots together into a locked position to create a sturdy mount.  The bottom photo shows how the horizontal vent slats will be gripped by the vent mount, and also shows the support foot that can be moved, and also removed or moved higher into a second pivot hole to allow for if you want to use this on the bottom of a vent.  The bottom right photo shows how deep the CM429 really is, allowing for nearly all kinds of sleeves, and also has a power cord recess.  Although the recess is there, the bottom of the mount does not protrude the bottom of the iPAQ so you will have no problem plugging cables into the bottom Sync Port (COM1) on the iPAQ.




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