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Garmin Launch EcoRoute HD at CES

Garmin announces ecoRoute HD at CES. This is a cable that connects supported Garmin devices to the OBDII port fitted to all modern vehicles. This allows it to display vehicle specific data. The idea being you can see your fuel consumption and moderate your driving style in order to achieve the optimum fuel efficiency. On our video Garmin explain the workings of the device and give an insight on how it can be used.

Posted by mikealder on Tue Jan 12, 2010 10:57 pm Reply with quote

As it also offers fault code readout this could pay for itself in just a couple of check engine warnings illuminating on the dash - typically 50 to read the ECU codes at anywhere equipped with the kit each time you get the annoying light on the dash, $150 sounds good although I wonder if it has the ability to reset the Check Engine light/ service interval in the same way you can with dedicated OBD-II readers and software - Mike

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