TomTom v7 Upgrade For x10 Devices Now Available
Date: Wednesday, October 31 @ 10:58:42 UTC
Topic: Owners of 510's, 710's and 910's can at last take advantage of the Navcore v7 Software with the recently launched upgrade.

Version 7 adds a raft of new features including the new help menus and Mapshare although the actual list of features differs depending on model. This brings the total to eleven devices that can be purchased with or upgraded to v7:
  1. GO 720
  2. GO 520
  3. GO 910
  4. GO 710
  5. GO 510
  6. GO 700
  7. GO 500
  8. ONE 3rd Edition
  9. ONE 2nd Edition
  10. ONE 1st Edition
  11. ONE XL
To take advantage of the upgrade you will need to connect via the TomTom HOME application

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