Brodit 520/720/920 Active Mount Reviewed
Date: Monday, October 29 @ 10:03:01 UTC
Topic: We are huge fans of Brodit mounts here at and don't try to hide it! Take a peek inside the cars of any of the team or moderators and the chances are you will find a Brodit Cradle and ProClip.

Why? Well quite apart from hating the windscreen suction mounts that manufacturers supply, they offer the best solution available for mounting a PDA or PND in your car in a secure and easy to use cradle. Indeed Brodit offer cradles for many more applications such as MP3 players, 2-Way radios to name a few. Coupled with the correct ProClip which is a vehicle specific dash mount solution, a Brodit installation offers a 'No Holes' fitting that looks like an OEM product.

Here we are reviewing the recently released 'Active' Mount for TomTom's x20 range which includes the GO 520 and 720 and will also include the soon to be released TomTom 920. Our thanks go to DSLDevelopments the UK Retailer of Brodit Mounting Solutions for supplying the review mount.

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