Ad Supported/Free GPS and Travel Concierge Announced
Date: Thursday, October 25 @ 20:31:47 UTC
Topic: Is this the future for GPS; are you one step away from your next SatNav being subsidised by advertising companies?

After years of talk sprinkled with a good measure of hype, location based services are still dragging their feet. The GPS industry is still keenly looking for the most suitable business models, Amongst all the noise, is it possible that the push start needed lies in subsidised, even free, handsets?

adNav, a GPS marketing solutions company, has signalled its upcoming launch of Boomerang, an ad supported mobile concierge system integrated with GPS navigation aimed to help both business and leisure travellers while away from home. Scheduled to launch in November, adNav have announced their product at CTIA Wireless I.T. and Entertainment in San Francisco this week.

Powered by Tele Atlas digital map data and content, the system offers unlimited access to services such as restaurant, movie, event and city guides, weather, currency exchange calculators, live flight information and mobile Internet access connected via mobile networks and WiFi. It even contains mobile room service and games to while away the time in your hotel room.

Boomerang will be offered, depending on partner, at little or no cost to the end user.

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