Road Angel Navigator 9000 Reviewed
Date: Tuesday, October 23 @ 20:08:09 UTC
Topic: Blackspot, the company behind Road Angel has become synonymous with safety camera warning devices. Their brand of safety camera warning devices have been at the top of the sales charts for some years and their database is widely regarded as amongst the best available.

Blackspot have had a range of innovative navigation solutions available in their product line-up for some time now, the Road Angel Navigator 6000 was the first combined navigation and safety camera warning device available and the Navigator 7000 was the first to combine this with Ordnance Survey mapping for off-road use.

The 9000 introduces a number of unique features not available on any other platform which include a built-in GSM/GPRS data module that permits OTA (Over The Air) updates of the safety camera database, as well as Traffic and Weather. This system also brings with it the ability to log in via a web portal and track the unit as well as send messages and destinations to the unit.

We have been using the 9000 for a few weeks now, read on for our opinions of the unit.

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