Wayfinder/Emtac Chargers Faulty!
Date: Sunday, October 12 @ 17:12:05 UTC

An anonymous reader has forwarded an email to us from Wayfinder where Wayfinder have announced that some of the Wayfinder kits including the EMTAC Bluetooth GPS receiver that have been sold have a faulty mains AC power supply charger. This picture is also found at Wayfinder.com. "When the faulty charger is used to charge the battery of the GPS receiver, the GPS receiver can be damaged" a Customer Support Representative at Wayfinder Systems AB says.

Wayfinder go on to say "We are very sorry for this and we will take full responsibility for replacing the faulty chargers free of charge." If you believe you have a faulty charger, send your Name, Shipping address, Phone number, Serial number of the charger (found on the label on the charger) to [email protected]. Could this be the cause of why some Emtac's are failing ???

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