ViaMichelin launch V7 ''New Edition'' satnav software
Date: Wednesday, October 03 @ 21:53:06 UTC

Last week Robert and I were invited to Trafalgar Square to see the latest version of ViaMichelin software in action. I was just about to publish the article when ViaMichelin call me and said don't post just yet we have some great news, a new press release will be with you soon.

Well the Press Release arrived and the price of the systems has been slashed... You can pick up a ViaMichelin X-960 for just 119 including tax.

The version 7 software dubbed "New Edition" certainly is new. The interface has changed dramatically and it has networked links back to the ViaMichelin servers and your personal ViaMichelin data.

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Whilst we were in the ViaMichelin offices we made a short video to give you a flavour of the new software. The sound on the demo is slightly out of sync with the video, trust me, it was not like this in real life :D Click here to view the video

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