Travel-I goes blue
Date: Sunday, October 12 @ 17:00:59 UTC

End2End have issued a new update for Travel-i. The new update includes Bluetooth GPS Receiver support, configurable baud rate and support for the Pocket GPS Safety Camera Database.

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An important feature of Travel-i is that can also store the speed limit that a safety camera is in. This means that you do not get an audible warning unnecessarily if you are within the speed limit, only a visual warning. This does mean however at present you have to update the speed limits for a camera manually as the Pocket GPS database does not record them. In the near future it is hoped this will become a simple task when in the vicinity of a camera.

Also look for a merging utility in the near future which will allow the database to be updated with new cameras without overwriting existing cameras, which have speed limits stored against them.

Travel-i is also one of the few packages that includes a "speed advisor". Simply touch the appropriate speed button and you will get an alert if you exceed that speed. In fact you can store another speed against that button so for example you may have the speed on the button set to 30mph but the actual speed of the warning set to 32mph. This avoids an annoying warning if you just nudge the speed on the button.

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