Garmin announce the Nuvi 700 series of SatNavs
Date: Friday, August 31 @ 20:03:47 UTC
Topic: Yesterday in Berlin Garmin announced its latest range of SatNav systems in the Nuvi range. The nuvi 700s.

These come in a variety of configurations with different mapping and bluetooth handsfree options. All of the SatNavs feature audio output via a low powered FM transmitter enabling them to be connected to your car radio. They all have integrated lifetime free traffic alerts assumably using FM RDS-TMC.

All nuvis come with Speed Camera alerts "Garmin uses the patented Cyclops technology to provide highly accurate safety camera alerts for all its sat-nav systems. It is believed to be the most up-to-date and reliable information available for both fixed and mobile cameras." Good thing they said believed to be... We might feel justified in disputing that claim :D.

The other new and exciting feature is the inclusion of a tracklog. This can then be viewed using tools such as Google Earth.

The Nuvi 700 range will be available in October and will be priced from 280 to 450.

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