TomTom complete the new GO x20 range, announcing the GO 920
Date: Thursday, August 30 @ 08:53:09 UTC
Topic: Ever since the announcement of the new range of TomTom GOs there has been speculation about a top of the range model. We had the 300,500, and 700. This was followed up with the 510,710 and 910. This year TomTom announced the 520 and 720 with apparently a model missing, well today at 10:00 CET at the IFA show in Berlin that speculation was put to rest by the announcement of the flagship model: the TomTom GO 920.

The new GO 920 will be available during the last quarter of the year, just in time for the Christmas rush. Currently no price has been set for the SatNav.

The main features it offers over and above the 720 are: 4GB storage featuring the mapping of Western Europe, Central Europe and North America. A new Bluetooth remote control, and Enhanced positioning technology to help keep your location accurate when there is no GPS signal.

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