EverMore EverPhoto GPS datalogger review
Date: Wednesday, August 29 @ 10:19:36 UTC

Evermore GT-800BT bluetooth GPS EverPhoto reviewOne of the little pleasures in life for me is to bring my various hobbies together one way or another. The thread that links driving, cycling, walking, diving and photography is GPS. Location data is used and in most cases crucial to the safe execution of a lot of these activities, but with photography the added location information allows me to share my images in a manner never before envisaged.

The EverMore EverPhoto is a great concept, take a GPS, and a digital camera, merge the technologies and get images with positional information. No longer do you have to rack your brains to try and work out where you took a particular photo, let the technology do that for you!

I have known EverMore for some time now. Their main markets are in Marine GPS, but they have also been strong in Bluetooth GPS devices and dataloggers. Their latest device the GT-800BT is a multi-purpose GPS system designed to be both a GPS datalogger and a Bluetooth GPS receiver at the same time.

You record your tracks, take your photos and when you get home the PhotoLogr software matches the two up and displays the results on Google Earth, or even creates a web site with links to Google Earth allowing you to share your pictures with your friends.

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We have also created a short video demonstrating the features of the PhotoLogr software, demonstrating the ease with which your pictures can be incorporated into Google Earth. Click here for a demo of the PhotoLogr software.

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