Nokia announce the Nokia 500 Auto Navigation
Date: Monday, August 27 @ 09:12:51 UTC

Today Nokia announce the "Nokia 500 Auto Navigation". This is their first bluetooth handsfree PND, though they have the Nokia 330 on the market at the moment. The Nokia 500 seems to build on Nokia's core phone technologies by incorporating bluetooth handsfree and a complete multimedia application into the system.

Details of the device are a bit patchy at the moment, but it does have a 4.3" touch screen, incorporates traffic data using TMC, and the audio can be channelled through an inbuilt FM transmitter to your car radio.

Of more interest to us is the unspecified navigation application. Is it Route 66, as on the Nokia 330, or is it a version of Smart2Go from Gate5, the navigation company Nokia recently acquired?? Looking at the supplied images it would seem that it is Gate5's Smart2Go. This development of the GPS range signals Nokia's commitment to the mainstream navigation market.

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