eBonTek DL-3200BT Bluetooth GPS Datalogger review
Date: Monday, August 20 @ 10:02:29 UTC

For some time this year the talk in the GPS industry has shifted from Bluetooth GPS receivers to Dataloggers. First at CES, then at CeBIT, finally at Computex eBonTek gave me my first review sample, the DL-3200BT Bluetooth GPS Datalogger.

The DL-3200BT is based on the MTK GPS chipset, which is very sensitive, accurate and frugal with power. The Datalogger is reputed to run for 25 hours between charges. The device is capable of storing up to 170,000 track points and has the capability to record specific locations.

Once back in the office, or at home, the data can be downloaded from the datalogger and analysed in Google Earth.

These amazing little devices have a large number of potential applications recording all sorts of information. They are passive systems meaning that they can only record data for historic analysis, and not transmit your current position.

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