Expansys buys GlobalPositioningSystems
Date: Tuesday, July 31 @ 11:44:50 UTC

pocketgpsworld.com A surprise announcement of the purchase of YooNoo Ltd (GlobalPositioningSystems) by Expansys was announced yesterday. GlobalPositioningSystems and its sister companies was acquired in a deal worth up to 1.2 million over the next year.

Is this a sign of things to come? For a while now the Internet channel has been offering cut-throat pricing, where the retailers make very small margins, relying on high volumes to make profit. There has been fierce competition and these companies often have to compete not only with eBay but also the manufacturers selling direct.

YooNoo (as GlobalPositioningSystems) were one of the early supporters of PocketGPSWorld.com. We wish Simon and his staff all the best for the future.

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