PocketGPSWorld.com enter the AMR London to Paris bike ride
Date: Wednesday, July 18 @ 22:43:56 UTC

London to Paris bike rideAction Medical Research have organised a 300 mile charity bike ride from London to Paris from July 25th to 29th.

In a fit of madness I have organised a PocketGPSWorld team of 4 reviewers and users to tackle this long distance ride and race down the Champs Elysees a day before the Tour De France takes the same route. We will also have the services of a support car provided by Via Michelin. Onboard will be a Via Michelin X970T SatNav system (of course) to ensure that we dont stray from our designated route, and also a Michelin support team in the form of Stuart Derricott (London ViaMichelin) and I expect that our old friend Bibendum will pop up now and again as we pedal our way through the Garden of Kent and the French countryside.

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