Safety Camera Database - Lifetime Membership Criteria Expanded
Date: Tuesday, July 10 @ 08:36:21 UTC
Topic: We are delighted to announce that as of today's database release, the criteria for safety camera submissions that will now qualify for lifetime membership has been significantly expanded.

Previously, only the first report of new fixed (static) camera location qualified for a lifetime subscriber award. As of today the criteria will will expand to include corrections to existing data and will also now expand to include submissions in every territory for which we supply camera data. This includes Europe, Australia, South Africa and North America.
  1. The first person to accurately report a new fixed site.

  2. The first person to accurately report a change to an existing fixed site i.e. change of type, correction of location, move etc

  3. The first person to accurately report a permanent removal of an existing fixed site.

  4. The first person to report a speed correction or submission of speed data where none previously existed.

  5. New reports of Mobile sites will also now qualify BUT because such sites are very difficult to verify, it should be noted that validation may take significantly longer than for other types of site.
We verify all submissions and you will be notified if yours qualifies. If you are successful we'll let you know (there is no need to send us an email to check) and automatically extend your current membership. As before, you must be a current subscriber to benefit from this offer.

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