Tele Atlas put Taiwan on the Map!
Date: Friday, July 06 @ 18:35:38 UTC
Topic: Tele Atlas has entered into a joint venture with Systems and Technology Corporation forming Tele Atlas Taiwan Co. Ltd. The famous orange mapping vans were seen on the streets of Taipei, Taiwan representing the first time a Tele Atlas surveying vehicle has been in operation in the Asian continent. This deal which will be concluded by the end of July 2007 at which time Tele Atlas will have full access to Systems and Technology Corporation's digital mapping data.

Ironically although Taiwan has been one of the major providers of GPS technology over the last few years, very little of it is actually used in Taiwan itself. Interestingly this has changed this year with a number of companies (including TomTom) producing navigation products for use in Taiwan. This announcement from Tele Atlas will surely lead to more GPS systems being made available in the country.

With the acquisition of S&T by Tele Atlas and the recent map coverage announcements from Navteq there is a clear indication that the major mapping companies are forging ahead to complete the goal of mapping the World.

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