TomTom and Vodafone UK Introduce Advanced Traffic Data System
Date: Tuesday, June 26 @ 09:20:35 UTC
Topic: TomTom and Vodafone UK announced today that they are to jointly develop a new traffic information system that will deliver superior travel time information to UK road users.

This agreement will allow TomTom to use information from the Vodafone UK network to provide accurate, real-time information on the speed and direction of cars travelling on all major roads across the UK. As a result customers will have a better understanding of the exact traffic situation and be able to plan and change their route instantly to avoid traffic congestion.

We first heard of this new solution at CeBIT back in March and it sounds quite promising. What is the first thing you do when you're on the way to the office or a meeting and you get stuck in traffic? Phone someone (hands free of course). Now using some very clever software it allows TomTom to analyse data from Vodafone's network to identify actual road speeds and as a result provide real-time indication of congestion to subscribers.

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