Using Map Share to block or unblock a road
Date: Thursday, June 21 @ 13:32:30 UTC

Tim started a series of articles about Map Share earlier this week. Map Share is a new technology built into the new TomTom 520 and 720 SatNav systems. The concept of Map Share is to allow the TomTom userbase to correct errors in the mapping data on their PND, and then share it with the rest of the users.

This article looks at how you can block or unblock individual roads. This can be used to force the routing engine to calculate a different route on a temporary basis, for instance for long term roadworks.

MikeB used it to block a non-existant roundabout that mysteriously appeared in the Tele Atlas mapping last year. Despite numerous discussions with Tele Atlas and reports using Tele Atlas Map Insight the error still exists, but now I can make the changes to the map data and stop TomTom using the "new" roundabout.

Are there occasions when you want to use a particular road but your map will not use it for routing because it's allegedly blocked? Or maybe the road has become blocked in some manner but your map still tries to route you down it. Map errors of this nature do occur and I have found an example of each to correct. One is local to me and the other I found whilst doing my day job.

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