New Zycast SG-288 Bluetooth GPS with LCD Display
Date: Saturday, March 24 @ 10:46:39 UTC
Topic: We've just received a new ZyCast Bluetooth GPS in for review from our friends at GPSForLess.

The ZyCast SG-288 is unusual in also sporting a small blue backlit 4 line LCD display that displays Time, Date, Latitude, Longitude, Altitude and Speed. There seems to be a new trend for 'value add' Bluetooth GPS units which have additional functionality such as the HUD and the GPS Safety Camera alert units we saw at CeBIT.

Looking not unlike a small compact mobile phone the SG-288 sports the now ubiquitous SiRFStarIII Chipset and initial impressions of its sensitivity are excellent with satellite lock being achieved indoors fresh out of the box in under 20 seconds. No mean feat when other SiRFStarIII Bluetooth GPS units I have struggle to achieve a lock at all in the same location.

Other features are a 1200 mAh Li-ion rechargeable and user replaceable battery, WAAS/EGNOS support and flash based firmware which can be updated by the user. The RRP is expected to be 69.99 with availability at end of April.

We will be publishing a full review shortly but in the meantime I have posted a couple of images in the forum thread.

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