TomTom Ogg File Collections Page Added
Date: Tuesday, March 13 @ 11:31:41 UTC
Topic: As you may already be aware, TomTom recently simplified the process of allocating custom sounds to POI alerts by adding full support for .ogg format sound files.

Using a sound file in the .ogg format, located in the map directory with the same name as an existing POI TomTom will automatically trigger that sound file. This makes the process a lot simpler than before where we had to compile data.chk files for every new release and version update!

Ray Flanagan over at TomTomSatNavInfo has an excellent collection of professionally recorded sound files and with his permission and a lot of work from forum member AndyP we now have a collection of sound files correctly named and prepared for use.

This should hopefully make the process of selecting and installing a set of voice alerts a lot simpler!

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