The Speed Camera Database Has Just Been Updated!
Date: Friday, March 09 @ 12:41:25 UTC

Version 5.032 - 09 Mar 2007

This release includes the unconfirmed mobile sites in a separate file so you can choose whether or not to install them. The unverified cameras are designated by the code pmobile for example in the speed-zoned release will be called pocketgps_uk_pmobile_30 etc. The single file downloads now contain 2 files - one with all the verified files and one with just the unverified mobile sites - feel free to compile them if you wish. Speed Zoned sets now have 33 files and the consolidated file set has 6.

Please note that the unverified mobile (pmobile) locations are just that: unverified and unchecked and PocketGPSWorld hold no liability for their accuracy - we were asked to provide them, so we have.

We would appreciate it if you could use the submission page to let us know your thoughts on whether the unverified mobile sites are feasible locations to assist with their verification. As always, please report and sitings of mobile cameras (van, bike or handheld).

There are a total of 10,632 verified cameras in the database and 1,143 unverified mobile sites (total combined: 11,775). 3,858 Gatso/Monitron/Truvelo, 5,516 Mobiles, 25 Temporary, 231 Specs and 1,002 Redlight Cameras.
We have had a total of 51 verified static cameras added this release submitted by 33 members. All members submitting the first report of these static cameras will be credited with lifetime memberships by 17:00 10 Mar 07.

The Garmin GPSR database has now been updated (12 Mar 07, 8.33am - includes 'experimental' version of pMobiles)

Dont forget our RSS feed which is be updated every time we release the database. Simply right click on the RSS image and select copy shortcut, then post the link into your favourite RSS reader.

The camera submission page and download page can be found by clicking here. You can submit new cameras in one of two ways - either an OV2 file or individual camera locations.

A beginner's guide to the database can be found here, and some installation instructions for most units can be found here.

Don't forget our camera capture application: POICapture this works on TomTom GO and TomTom Navigator. Click here for more details.

Please watch for further announcements on the homepage or sign up to our occasional newsletter alerts which carry full details of future database releases. The newsletter signup box is located on the top left of all site pages. Your privacy is important to us, we do not sell on your email details.

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