Mitac Buy Navman
Date: Tuesday, February 27 @ 10:48:06 UTC
Topic: Source: Yahoo Business News

This one appears to have passed by with little fanfare. Last Thursday Navman's parent company, Brunswick Corporation announced that it had agreed to sell Brunswick New Technologies' Navman (PND) operations to MiTAC International Corporation.

Navman were the first to release a dedicated PocketPC GPS Navigation sleeve for the Compaq iPAQ 3630 way back in 2001. In fact it was as a result of this SatNav device that a number of owners banded together to form this very website!

Navman dominated the market back then but began losing ground once TomTom ramped up their own sales and they never caught up despite being first to market with the iCN630 and innovative ideas such as Navpix. In a twist of fate their first GPS sleeve was actually bundled with a re badged version of TomTom's first PocketPC Navigation application!

It remains to be seen if Mitac will subsume Navman and their products or will maintain them as a separate brand. Mitac themselves have been doing very well recently with an excellent range of PND's and it's difficult to see why they would allow Navman to continue as a seperate entity.

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