TomTom 5 Garmin 3 as TomTom win US Patent case.
Date: Wednesday, January 03 @ 10:34:51 UTC
Topic: Last week with the hubbub of Christmas and the New Year celebrations a significant court battle was resolved in Wisconsin, USA. TomTom successfully defended a court case where Garmin claimed that TomTom were infringing five of its patents. On the other side of the coin in the same courtroom battle Garmin successfully defended against 3 counter filed patent infringements.

Reading the press releases issued by both companies is quite interesting as both are appearing to claim complete victory... Who is the real winner is not entirely clear, but ultimately the winner has to be you the consumer as no restrictions will be enforced for these patents on either company.

The outcome, although important, is certainly not the end of the legal battle. There is further litigation taking place in Texas.

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