Warning for Garmin i3 users.
Date: Wednesday, December 27 @ 17:14:25 UTC

pocketgpsworld.com The Garmin i3 seems to have a problem in the software when attempting to load more than 85 categories of custom POIs.

If you load more than 85 categories of POI then this will result in the i3 locking when loading the map. At this point the i3 will not go any further.

To recover the i3 to a workable system again you will need to either:

1) Remove the microSD card from the i3 and place it in a card reader. On the PC (after taking a backup of the entire card) delete the poi.gpi file which will be found in the /garmin/poi directory. Replace the card in the i3 and everything should now work again.

2) Download the beta version of the POILoader software from the Garmin website http://www.garmin.com/support/download_details.jsp?id=1673 then when you connect your i3 and run POILoader select the option to delete existing pois. Note that PocketGPSWorld.com accepts no responsibility for software from any external companies. You must acknowledge and accept the risks of running beta software.

This feature of the Garmin software does not appear to affect the Nuvi range.

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