Transplant launch the New Emtac mini-S3 BT GPS receiver
Date: Friday, December 15 @ 13:59:27 UTC

Many years ago I reviewed the first ever Bluetooth GPS made by Emtac. That was an impressive bit of kit back in 2002... The latest Bluetooth GPS device from Emtac, the mini-S3, features a SiRFIII chipset, and has sufficient power for 8 hours all in a package that is 33% smaller than the original receiver.

Looking at the pictures the mini-S3 is a compact receiver fitting snuggly in the plam of your hand. It has a standard mini-usb power connector which allows it to be charged in a number of different ways without having to resort to using a dedicated adapter. It also has a replaceable battery which will extend the working life of the device.

Priced at $100 it will be available worldwide through Emtac distributors and retailers. Check out for your nearest Emtac partner.

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