Garmin announce City Navigator Europe NT version 9
Date: Wednesday, December 13 @ 15:22:01 UTC
Topic: Today Garmin announced the latest in its digital mapping products City Navigator Europe NT version 9. They did not say when this would actually be available to purchase.

Garmin Press Release:
13th December 2006 - You can now explore more of Europe than ever before with Garmin satellite navigation. The new City Navigator Europe NT version 9, which has just been released, contains 32 countries throughout Western and Eastern Europe.

Spain now has comprehensive coverage including Andorra, Balearic and the Canary Islands. Full mapping is also included for continental Portugal, Poland and the Republic of Ireland.

Mapping for Eastern Europe has been added or enhanced. The Czech Republic has increased detail across a wider area, while the major cities in Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary, Croatia, Romania, Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania are also covered...

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