Sony announce 2 new PND SatNav Systems
Date: Thursday, September 21 @ 23:46:57 UTC

pocketgpsworld.comEarlier this month Sony announced two new SatNav systems. The PNDs feature Sony's "Position Plus" technology which helps maintain the car's position when the GPS signal is lost. If this works well then it will be a boon in cities like Basle or Boston where there are long tunnels with intersections in them.

Both devices have a 4.3 inch wide screen display and handsfree bluetooth intergration.

The flagship device, NV-U81T, has a 4Gb hard disk complete with full European mapping. The NV-U80 has 512Mb internal memory, with the maps of Europe provided on a DVD. Traffic information is standard on the NV-U81T and available as an optional extra on the NV-U80. The TMC Traffic information will be subject to a once off license in the UK and France.

Both devices use mapping from Navteq.

We are awaiting pricing details for these new models.

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