GlobalSat BT-328 Bluetooth GPS receiver review
Date: Monday, July 24 @ 08:52:12 UTC

GlobalSat have been the market leaders in the field of Bluetooth GPS receivers since the introduction of the BT-308 way back in 2003. Since that time these devices have gone through a rapid evolution with more than double the battery life and increased sensitivity.

The SiRF III GlobalSat BT-338 is currently the benchmark by which all Bluetooth GPS receivers are measured. The new GlobalSat BT-328 is a SiRF II device, seemingly a backwards step for the company. However the BT-328 uses the latest SiRF II low power single chipset which results in low cost and superior battery life.

So how does this all work out? Is the GPS receiver as good as the well known GlobalSat BT-338 Bluetooth GPS? Click here to read on and find out...

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